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Two more Mafia games

17:06:26 [Keiran] Well there's 5 anyway. Good to go Sira?
17:06:30 [Sirayn] Good to go
17:06:33 [Sirayn] Assigning roles now
17:06:36 [Nynaeve] oh ok i'll play
17:06:37 [Lily] Welcome back, Russ. Glad to have you.
17:06:45 [Sirayn] awesome
17:06:49 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Yay! *hus*
17:06:50 [Shaneevae] Woohoo! Good sized group.
17:06:52 [Lily] 6
17:07:02 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) roleless innocent
17:07:20 [Sirayn] PM communication is allowed
17:07:25 [Lily] * Lily sits down on cushion
17:08:02 [Sirayn] okay, roles are handed out
17:08:04 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) what are you, Shannon? 17:07:02 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) roleless innocent
17:08:08 [Keiran] crap
17:08:11 [Sirayn] 6 players, 4 votes to lynch. 5 minutes until the vote. GO!
17:08:16 [Keiran] white screen
17:08:22 [Lily] what's up, Mentor?
17:08:32 [Lily] Just exit the chat and come back.
17:08:50 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) [Sirayn]>[Shaneevae] (private) finder, baby
17:08:57 [Keiran] ok brb
17:08:59 Keiran exits from this room
17:09:04 Keiran enters this room
17:09:16 [Keiran] *poof*
17:09:21 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) wanna work together?
17:09:21 [Lara] wb oh Lovely Voiced One
17:09:37 [Nynaeve] so wait....6 players? is Russ playing too?
17:09:40 [Sirayn] yes he is
17:09:42 [Sirayn] treat him gently
17:09:43 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) Sounds like a plan. They'll peg us for killers again if we aren't careful.
17:09:44 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) what are you, Nurit? 17:07:02 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) roleless innocent
17:10:10 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I'm a supersymp. I can freeze people's activites at night
17:10:15 [Lara] *flexes fingers*
17:10:28 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) I just pmed Nurit with my role. She says she's a supersymp.
17:10:31 [swisstony] *trembles*
17:10:36 [Lara] My, you lot are quiet
17:10:45 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) apparently that makes me a good guy
17:10:45 [Sirayn] frantically PMing each other
17:10:53 [Lily] Aye, pm-ing.
17:11:10 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) If I investigate Nurit then what will I find out by doing that?
17:11:17 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) well, the supersymps are usually bad aren;t they? and help?
17:11:17 [Lara] Aha
17:11:28 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae pets Russ.
17:11:40 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) if you investigate Nurit Sira will say innocent. Anybody who is not a killer is not guity.
17:11:48 [Keiran] *hands Russ "Mafia for Dummies"*
17:11:55 [Sirayn] by the way, this is a standard game - one evil team, one innocent team
17:11:59 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) i'm guessing i'm good cause i can freeze the killer's activities.
17:12:03 [Lily] *nods* How are you doing, Mentor?
17:12:05 [Sirayn] mafia for beginners
17:12:19 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Aye but usually you are supersymp to somebody.
17:12:31 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I just need to discover who it is
17:12:34 [Keiran] Great Mentee, Pandora is incredible
17:12:49 [Lily] Awesome.
17:12:59 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) let me check the PM Sirayn sent me. I might have got the name of the role wrong
17:13:15 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Heard anything of any note, Wondrous Sister?
17:13:34 [Sirayn] 6 players, 4 votes to lynch. VOTE!
17:13:34 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) go investigate Nynaeve. She's not being clear on what a supersymp is.
17:14:05 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) Aye. Nurit says she's supersymp but good. That runs contradictory to Sira's system.
17:14:08 [Nynaeve] lag
17:14:20 [Lara] Ok, here is where everyone looks at me for a hunch
17:14:21 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) or we'll see.
17:14:40 [Shaneevae] Nurit is my vote.
17:14:51 [swisstony] Do we vote by PM to you Sirakins?
17:14:54 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) What are you? 17:07:02 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) roleless innocent
17:14:57 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Re: hmm, what aspect of Sira's system?
17:15:00 [Nynaeve] thanks Shan
17:15:05 [swisstony] Oh, Shanster answered my question there.
17:15:07 [Sirayn] vote publicly
17:15:08 [Keiran] No Russ, votes are open
17:15:09 [Lily] Why Nurit, Shaneevae?
17:15:31 [swisstony] * swisstony votes for Keiran.
17:15:43 [Sirayn] publicly so you can all correct me when I miscount the votes
17:16:00 [Keiran] I love you too Russ
17:16:03 [Shaneevae] I'm not trusting any more redheads.
17:16:18 [Sirayn] vote ends in 5!
17:16:19 [Nynaeve] lag
17:16:20 [Sirayn] 4!
17:16:21 [swisstony] Don't worry Keiro - you only got it because you're the easiest one to type.
17:16:24 [Sirayn] 3!
17:16:26 [Nynaeve] the differences between the two roles, but i'm the good guy
17:16:27 [Sirayn] 2!
17:16:36 [Nynaeve] meh
17:16:36 [Lily] to Lara well supersymps are usually evil right? so if she claims she's good then it runs contradictory to the old killer-symp versus innocents system, but we'll see
17:16:36 [Sirayn] 1!
17:16:36 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) I am a roleless innocent too.
17:16:37 [Keiran] Lol, does that mean I must change the name?
17:16:44 [Sirayn] No lynch
17:16:47 [Lily] Dammit.
17:16:59 [Sirayn] Resume. 5 minutes until the next vote
17:17:08 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) i'm not a supersymp. I'm a guard....Sira was explaining the differences between the two roles and i got confused.
17:17:19 [Sirayn] I'm frankly scared of what's going on behind the scenes
17:17:26 [Lily] nobody saw that
17:17:48 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) these new role names are really confusing for me as in SG I use different names. But of well *sigh*
17:17:51 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) ah I was gonna tell Shannon to investigate you
17:18:12 [Lara] Saw what
17:18:12 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) thanks for clearing it up I only told Lara and Shannon - who is finder
17:18:23 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Lara says she's roleless innocent
17:18:35 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) by all means
17:18:35 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) investigate Lara
17:19:18 [Lara] *tapdances across the village green*
17:19:25 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) Nurit's the guard she mixed up the supersymp with the role of the guard. At anyrate Claire claimed to be a roleless innocent and imo there cannot be that many around
17:19:39 [Shaneevae] *looks up pictures of Asian actresses.
17:20:10 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) Why don't you investigate Lara and I'll ivestigate Nurit.
17:20:11 [Sirayn] see, this is the drawback of allowing PMs - nobody does any mafia playing in the public channel
17:20:12 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I believe you. Now I'm asking Shaneevae to investigate Lara. There cannot be that many roleless innocents, or can there?
17:20:22 [Sirayn] I want amusement!
17:20:27 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) I cannot. I'm not a finder.
17:20:36 [Shaneevae] Russ, were you given a neat role in this game?
17:20:37 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) it's really up to Sira, really. She's tricky.
17:20:47 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) Oh! Can I only investigate at night?
17:20:48 [swisstony] I was.
17:20:55 [Lily] How's this for amusement? I think it's Russ and Keiran.
17:20:57 [Lara] *amuses Sira by dancing with a bear, a bear! All big and black and covered in hair!*
17:21:04 [Sirayn] ooh! now we're talking
17:21:24 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) Aye. Have you ever played Finder before?
17:21:35 [Nynaeve] mmm.....
17:21:39 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) Nope, so I'm clueless. I will investigate Lara.
17:21:51 [Sirayn] * Sirayn bestows modly love
17:21:55 [Lily] If Mentor was innocent he'd usually PM'ed me at this stage, protesting his innocence whenever somebody votes to lynch him.
17:22:01 [Sirayn] 6 players, 4 votes to lynch. VOTE!
17:22:14 [Lily] Unless of course - he knows that person ain't gonna lynch him.
17:22:20 [Keiran] Just point out that Russ voted for me before
17:22:22 [Lara] Okay, well my hunch is playing up...
17:22:24 [Shaneevae] Nurit. Redhead thing again.
17:22:28 [Lara] I need some cream for that
17:22:31 [Nynaeve] mmmm...... I think it might be Russ.
17:22:40 [Lara] I think Lily. I vote for Lily.
17:22:40 [Nynaeve] gosh, Shan. you're terrible!
17:22:46 [swisstony] * swisstony is aghast!
17:23:02 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) Well if it's not Lara which it could be not, then I say it's Keiran and Lara.
17:23:06 [Shaneevae] Lavi was mean to me last time. I'm still hurt.
17:23:21 [Nynaeve] Lavi is a red head?
17:23:26 [Lily] Hahah. Maybe the killer is not Russ.
17:23:36 [Keiran] blah white screen again. brb
17:23:38 [Lily] Doesn't matter. Lavi isn't in the game.
17:23:42 Keiran exits from this room
17:23:48 Keiran enters this room
17:23:52 [Lily] Why me, Wondrous Sister?
17:23:55 [Shaneevae] Her character is.....same principle. Red=Evil
17:24:01 [Keiran] *poof*
17:24:16 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) Well, Lara, Kei or Nurit.
17:24:20 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) just PM sirayn the name of the person you want to investigate at night.
17:24:39 [Lara] It is just a hunch, and I'm not 100% sure of how accurate my hunches are being lately. Not having anything else to go on and I'm feeling contrary tonight, I chose you
17:24:42 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) When night comes, right?
17:24:42 [Sirayn] 5
17:24:45 [Sirayn] 4
17:24:46 [Lara] No offence, Lily
17:24:48 [Sirayn] 3
17:24:51 [Sirayn] 2
17:24:55 [Sirayn] 1
17:24:58 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) No it cannot be Nurit because she made the Mod explain.
17:25:00 [swisstony] * swisstony votes for Claero.
17:25:05 [Sirayn] Back to talking. The final vote is in 5 minutes. If there's still no lynch, we go to night automatically
17:25:17 [Lily] None taken. I suspected you too, for having the same (non) role as me, Wondrous Sister.
17:25:37 [Lily] But since there is only one evil team and a good...
17:25:40 [Lara] *grins*
17:25:47 [swisstony] There are non roles as well as roles?
17:25:57 [Lily] that leaves me to suppose there can technically be two roleless innocents.
17:26:17 [Lily] somehow seems like a waste. I reckon there's two of us evil - meaning killer-symp. and the rest good.
17:26:21 [Lara] Oh yes, Russ
17:26:27 [Keiran] yip Russ, non role people are on the good team
17:27:11 [swisstony] Ok, I think I might be getting the hang of it now.
17:27:49 [Nynaeve] I think Russ is playing all innocent and confused to throw us off
17:28:16 [Lily] Is he? It's either him, Mentor or Claire. I will explain why.
17:28:29 [Keiran] Lets hear the hyposthesis Mentee
17:28:33 [Shaneevae] brb
17:28:42 [Keiran] hypothesis*
17:29:09 [swisstony] Nurit - how well do you know me? I AM confused and innocent!
17:29:29 [Lily] Mentor simply because he is unknown. Claire because of her roleless innocent role. And Russ, because it is unexpected, as well he is unknown. But I don't know if he is killer or not. Maybe a symp?
17:29:34 [swisstony] I mean, noughts and crosses confuses me!
17:29:41 [Keiran] Sadly Russ, no one will believe you in this game
17:30:00 [Lily] I know who the others are. I dunno if Russ is evil enough. So Mentor and Lara? or Mentor and Russ is my guess.
17:30:04 [Keiran] so why not you Mentee?
17:30:05 [swisstony] Despite the penalties, I'm going to bah Nurit.
17:30:06 [Sirayn] 6 players, 4 votes to lynch. FINAL VOTE!
17:30:15 Arath enters this room
17:30:23 [Sirayn] Hi Arath - don't vig anyone
17:30:29 [Lily] Because believe it or not I'm a roleless innocent.
17:30:30 [Lara] I have to say I am suspicious of more than one person having the same role as me. I still vote Lily
17:30:37 [Lily] Welcome back, Arath.
17:30:40 [Shaneevae] back what did I miss?
17:30:42 [Arath] awww . . . whats the fun in that?
17:30:48 [Nynaeve] O_o Russ, i can't believe you!
17:30:53 [swisstony] I vote Diamond Lil.
17:31:03 [Lily] As am I. I was confused by Nurit at first because of her claim, but she was confused.
17:31:09 [Keiran] I vote Lily
17:31:27 [Shaneevae] Who is your mentor Lily?
17:31:35 [Lily] Did I persuade anybody?
17:31:35 [Shaneevae] I vote Nurit.
17:31:42 [Keiran] Im Mentor Shan
17:31:44 [Sirayn] 3 votes on Lily ...
17:31:54 [Shaneevae] Okies Kei.
17:32:03 [Lily] Keiran is Mentor
17:32:12 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) Nurit's not evil
17:32:17 [Lily] And as for Claire
17:32:31 [Sirayn] we're going to night without a lynch at this rate
17:32:37 [Nynaeve] i'm not sure who to vote for....
17:32:55 [Lily] my suspecions were on her because she always tries to tell the truth. hunch and all being uncertain
17:33:07 [Sirayn] 5
17:33:09 [Lily] but she told me in a pm she's roleless innocent, so *shrugs*
17:33:11 [Sirayn] 4
17:33:14 [Sirayn] 3
17:33:21 [Sirayn] I wish I had a reputation for telling the truth
17:33:22 [Lily] my first speculations in public was Russ and Mentor.
17:33:23 [Sirayn] 2
17:33:26 [Sirayn] 1
17:33:37 [Sirayn] No lynch! It is now night. Night actions in please!
17:33:40 [Nynaeve] I vote for Lily
17:33:42 [Lily] But it could be Claire 'cause I confronted her with a straight question.
17:33:43 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) saved by the time limit
17:33:48 [Nynaeve] meh
17:33:51 [Sirayn] gaaaah
17:33:58 [Lily] gah
17:34:06 [Nynaeve] I just wanted to break the barrier but i'm glad Sira managed to stop me
17:34:06 [Lily]>[Sirayn] (private) I know
17:34:16 [Lily] Think I'll survive the night?
17:34:32 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) Do you believe me? You can investigate me if you want.
17:34:34 [Lara] It could be me, if I didn't have that reputation for telling the truth. I get caught out too easily when I lie. Therefore, I don't lie
17:34:38 [swisstony] I guess this is where I exit stage right.
17:34:56 [Shaneevae] Surely Russ will survive.
17:35:07 [Lily] * Ms Lily tried her best and goes to sleep. I think if I died it'd be Russ and Keiran!
17:35:23 [Lily] though it hurts that Nurit whom I trusted voted me
17:35:26 [Lara] *has a bizarre moment picturing Russ singing "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor
17:35:37 [Sirayn] I always tell the truth, I swear
17:35:38 [Sirayn] Really
17:35:45 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae goes to sleep and snoozes like a baby.
17:35:45 [swisstony] And anybody who understands traditional British pantomime theatre will read into that message.
17:35:53 [Lily] Even that, Sirific?
17:35:54 [Arath] nods dont' have to be honest . .
17:36:18 [Arath] mods*
17:36:18 [Lara] haha, Russ
17:36:31 [Sirayn] but when I'm a player I need people to believe me
17:36:56 [Shaneevae] Believe the lying liar that lies?
17:37:11 [Lily] Lol. Maybe. I had to lie once or twice in Chat mafia before. Sticking to the truth or at least a version of it is always more fun.
17:37:15 [Arath] sounds good to me
17:37:16 [swisstony] I think that should be lying liar WHO lies, Shanster.
17:37:42 [Shaneevae] Oh shut up, Russ! *thwaps*
17:37:49 [Lily] I think I was being too aggressive *sighs* being a roleless innocent is less fun. You have to be less reserved to make a difference.
17:37:54 [Lara] I'm having chat lag moments
17:38:03 [Nynaeve] hehe..twapp him hood Shan
17:38:05 [Shaneevae] I change my vote to Russ!
17:38:15 [Keiran] Im permanent white screening it now
17:38:15 [Sirayn] Morning dawns!
17:38:16 [swisstony]
17:38:18 [Sirayn] On almost all of you.
17:38:27 [Sirayn] Only not quite all of you.
17:38:30 [Lily] Lara are you a roleless innocent?
17:38:38 [Sirayn] The sun shineth down most lovingly upon you as you gather outside on the village green ...
17:38:54 [Sirayn] ... where Lily is hung upside down from a tree. There is a pool of blood beneath her. She is extremely dead.
17:39:02 [Shaneevae] OMG! OMG!
17:39:06 [Shaneevae] Evil children.
17:39:09 [Sirayn] The cowards among you begin to gibber!
17:39:10 [Lily] * Lily exits.
17:39:26 [Keiran] Taht was nasty Sira
17:39:28 [swisstony] *clamps hands to mouth* Thirteen! She was so young... So young..
17:39:29 [Sirayn] 5 players, 3 votes to lynch. It is day two. Resume.
17:39:31 [Lily] At least now they know who's the roleless innocent.
17:39:38 [Lily] Thirteen!
17:39:39 [Shaneevae] Sorry, Lily. *plays taps*
17:39:41 [Arath] wow . . . even if you don't hang, you hang
17:39:43 [Nynaeve] damn
17:39:53 [Lily]
17:40:00 [Keiran] Get that inspiration from Holy Usires in Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Sira?
17:40:11 [Lara] I am honestly a roleless innocent. There have already been fingers pointed at me - this could easily be an attempt to frame me.
17:40:25 [Sirayn] No - it's a long time since I read that - we don't have the complete series in the house
17:40:38 [Lara] Particularly if Lily was a Symp and looking for a way to cast nasty aspersions on me
17:40:41 [Sirayn] I pluck gruesome images out of my head ... pluck them like eyeballs.
17:40:42 [swisstony] Many will believe that it's me, despite my obvious innocence.
17:40:53 [Nynaeve] That could be true.....mmmmm...
17:41:15 [Shaneevae] I believe Lily was the Symp.
17:41:15 [Keiran] oh, well in it Usires, who is like their Jesus, is crucified upside down in a tree.
17:41:19 [Lily] like eyeballs from soup?
17:41:28 [Shaneevae] Or could she be the symp and get killed?
17:41:35 [Nynaeve] But she sounded so reliable.
17:41:38 [Arath] chili . . . mmmm . . .
17:41:43 [Shaneevae] So did Apostole Peter, Kei.
17:41:52 [Shaneevae] She sounded over zealous.
17:41:52 [Arath] not a bad last meal as i recall
17:41:56 [Lily] *Sighs* well you still voted for me Nurit.
17:42:03 [Sirayn] I like that style Keiran
17:42:09 [Keiran] that he did. actually
17:42:10 [Sirayn] I've always remembered one particular scene from the series
17:42:13 [Nynaeve] yeah i know *sigh*
17:42:14 [Keiran] so do I Sira
17:42:15 [Sirayn] I don't remember the context, but it was fracking creepy
17:42:37 [Keiran] what scene?
17:42:39 [Lily] * Lily retreats to ghosty ghosty land!
17:42:48 [Nynaeve] i'm entitled to making mistakes though.
17:42:56 [Shaneevae] Why would anyone frame you, Lara?
17:43:22 [Sirayn] some characters were talking to a stranger around a campfire
17:43:29 [Lara] Because right now, if we lynch me, a roleless innocent, and then we go to night and the evil team pick off another person, with the numbers we have currently, evil would win unless I miss my guess
17:43:29 [Sirayn] then they realised that his foot had been in the fire and he hadn't noticed
17:43:39 [Sirayn] then when he moved they realised that his throat had been cut
17:43:44 [Sirayn] and he'd been sitting there talking for ages
17:43:57 [Sirayn] creeped me the frack out when I was about this high!
17:44:18 [Keiran] I remember that. Tad certainly has a way with the nasty stuff
17:44:28 [Nynaeve] I don't know...Russ is the only one who looks suspicious at the moment
17:44:33 [Nynaeve] at least to me
17:44:44 [Shaneevae] Russ just has no idea what he's doing.
17:44:57 [Sirayn] 5 players, 3 votes to lynch. VOTE!
17:45:14 [swisstony] I've just reclassified that annoyingly French advert for the Renault Megane Scenic my favourite advert, because in the quick scene with the football game, it looks as if the French girl gets hit in the face with a football.
17:45:24 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) there is a flaw in your logic. they would have left the evil symp alive to frame you if that was true, and targeted somebody else during the night to pick off. Just rooting.
17:45:26 [Shaneevae] I vote Nurit.
17:45:31 [swisstony] Thank you for your support Shan.
17:45:32 [Nynaeve] And Lily did try to convince me to vote for Lara....and her mentor......so if she's really a symp.....that means the killer is one of the people she didn't try to get me to vote for
17:45:46 [swisstony] * swisstony votes Shan.
17:46:09 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Re: Possibly not Depends on the roles, I guess Time will tell
17:46:14 [Shaneevae] Hey now! I was defending you and keeping you from being lynched. I'll remember that. *pouts*
17:46:26 [Nynaeve] I vote for Shan too
17:46:33 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) *Grins and nods* I'll stay out of this.
17:46:54 [Keiran] I thnk Shan also. Voting Shan
17:46:59 [Shaneevae] I am not guilt.
17:47:07 [Shaneevae] Bad mistake people.
17:47:23 [Sirayn] wow, was that three votes?
17:47:32 [Shaneevae] Yep.
17:47:33 [Arath] in this court you're guilty until proven innocent
17:47:36 [Sirayn] Shaneevae is lynched!
17:47:37 [Nynaeve] yes
17:47:46 [Sirayn] It is now night. Night actions in please
17:47:48 [Shaneevae] You're all about to die. Just warning you.
17:48:10 [Shaneevae] Can I be finder from the grave, Sira?
17:48:21 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) Who do you think? Mentor, definitely.
17:48:23 [Sirayn] pipe down in the peanut gallery
17:48:31 [Shaneevae] Unfortunately not. Sorry.
17:48:51 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) and maybe not Lara, either Russ or Nurit. Probably Russ.
17:49:04 [Lara] That was quick
17:49:18 [Sirayn] Morning dawns ... again!
17:49:24 [Sirayn] It is a beautiful morning.
17:49:25 [Arath] and no guesome description . . .
17:49:26 [Lily] Welcome back, Wondrous Sister.
17:49:36 [Lily] So probably Claire is innocent.
17:49:41 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) Who ever it was, knew I was finder because they blocked me and only you and Lara knew I was finder.
17:50:10 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) oooh! I told Nurit you were gonna view Lara!
17:50:22 [Lara] Thanks, Lily
17:50:24 [Lily] *pipes down* sorry forgot
17:50:29 [Sirayn] (sorry - brief mod panic)
17:51:03 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) One of those two.
17:51:13 [Sirayn] But the beauty of the morning is somewhat lessened.
17:51:26 [Nynaeve] *lol* :P
17:51:27 [Sirayn] When you wander through the lovely gardens, you find a head hanging like an apple on the aforementioned tree.
17:51:34 [Sirayn] You pluck the head-apple.
17:51:36 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) either Lara or Nurit? I say Lara is
17:51:52 [Sirayn] Our favourite brunette looks back at you with her usual .
17:51:56 [Keiran] This is weird......
17:51:57 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) I dunno, maybe Nurit. Yes it's Nurit.
17:52:10 [Sirayn] Sadly, the only innocent left alive to see it is immediately set upon and murdered.
17:52:15 [Sirayn] GAME OVER - EVIL WIN
17:52:19 [Lily] *hugs Wondrous Sister* I'm sorry I doubted you.
17:52:20 [Sirayn] Congratulations to Keiran and Nynaeve
17:52:28 [Keiran] BOOYAKASHA!
17:52:29 [Lily] I was a roleless innocent. See? 17:07:02 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) roleless innocent
17:52:30 [swisstony] Gah!
17:52:34 [Shaneevae] I knew it was Nurit!
17:52:44 [Nynaeve] *lol*
17:52:44 [swisstony] And me, obviously.
17:52:47 [Shaneevae] No, nobody listens to me.
17:53:00 [Nynaeve] when i slipped with Lily i thought it was my end...but she actually bought it :P
17:53:04 [Keiran] Nyn is awesome folks. Thee best Symp ever
17:53:09 [Lily] Dammit. Russ threw me off. Shan and I only figured out in the end it was Nynaeve since her finder abilities were blocked and I told Nurit Shan was to view Lara.
17:53:09 [Sirayn] I really wanted you to investigate Nynaeve, Shan
17:53:15 [Nynaeve] Lily....you're too nice :P
17:53:18 [swisstony] I suspected Nurit for a while, and Keiro right at the start too!
17:53:21 [Sirayn] She would have come up innocent
17:53:23 [Sirayn] It would have been beautiful
17:53:23 [Lily] Hahah. You acted too confused.
17:53:42 [Shaneevae] I really wanted to as well. Wasn't I about to when they lynched me?
17:53:45 [Lily] Gah.
17:53:45 [Keiran] That was a good game
17:53:46 [Nynaeve] *ggls* cause i was....i thought at the beginning that supersymp was something it wasn't
17:54:01 [Lily] Mentor! *grawrs*
17:54:03 [Shaneevae] brb
17:54:12 [Sirayn] I nearly pitched a fit when I saw Nynaeve had told people she was a supersymp
17:54:13 [Nynaeve] * Nynaeve hugs Lily
17:54:14 [Lily] Aye, you told me you were good and supersymp.
17:54:22 [Keiran] You know Sira, you didnt actually tell me Nyn was a Super. I went half the game thinking she was just a Symp
17:54:22 [Sirayn] I couldn't believe anybody fell for it! In public chat!
17:54:26 [Nynaeve] it was all part of my strategy >.>
17:54:32 [Sirayn] sorry - I assumed Nynaeve would tell you
17:54:38 [Lara] I did say to not listen to my hunches very often
17:54:41 [Keiran] it worked fine
17:54:48 [Lara] *reattaches head to ensure vocal chords are working*
17:54:49 [Nynaeve] How could i tell him, Sira if you didn't tell me who the killer was?
17:54:49 [Sirayn] no secrets among evilling evils who evil
17:54:51 [Keiran] Did you ever suspect me Claire?
17:54:54 [Sirayn] so how did you find your first game Russ?
17:55:04 [Keiran] becaue you were the only person I was PMing besides Nyn
17:55:04 [Lara] Thanks for leaving my features intact. I do want to lose a bit of weight, but that wasn't the way i had in mind
17:55:06 [Sirayn] she did, I can attest to it
17:55:10 [Lara] From the beginning, Kei.
17:55:11 [Lily] She told me and I told Shaneevae and Lara. But the roleless innocent - duplicates were ingenius, I've got to give it to Sirific it threw me off.
17:55:12 [Lily]
17:55:20 [swisstony] Horribly confusing - give it another couple of games, and I'll be hooked.
17:55:28 [Keiran] Thought so
17:55:46 [Sirayn] why was it so confusing to have more than one roleless innocent?
17:55:46 [Lily] And Lara I was roleless innocent, not a symp trying to frame you dahling *hugs*
17:55:51 [Nynaeve] i'm not sure if i'm up for another game...mmmmm.....i'll prolly get lynched by Shan in the beginning
17:55:57 [Lara] I was going to try and stage a bit of a coup a bit later on, but didn't reckon on another innocent lynch.
17:55:59 [Lily] I'm sorry for not believing you.
17:56:00 [Sirayn] aren't all innocents by default roleless? the lucky ones just get roles added on?
17:56:07 [Lara] *hugs Lily* Sorry for doubting you, love
17:56:17 [Arath] nah . . . people will lynch me to prevent accidental vig killings . . .
17:56:31 [Keiran] I would love another game. But I gotta go do housework
17:56:32 [Sirayn] so - who's up for another game?
17:56:35 [Sirayn] damn you!
17:56:44 [Lily] Shan and I were convinced Mentor was a baddie *giggles* after we died.
17:56:45 [Keiran] Take care everyone, and thanks for a great game
17:56:52 [Sirayn] take care K
17:56:54 [Keiran] Sorry Sira
17:56:54 [Nynaeve] i guess i can play since i'll be lynched first
17:57:04 [Arath] i'm in
17:57:12 [Lara] If it is a quick game
17:57:23 [Keiran] oh and btw, can you let me know when the forum ones start. So I can join them? That would be cool
17:57:30 [Sirayn] I'll let you know Keiran
17:57:31 [Lily] dunno. I couldn't imagine you'd not give your beloved another lucky role, since it'd be a waste hehe.
17:57:33 [Sirayn] Kison is modding the next one
17:57:35 [swisstony] Oh what the hell - go on then.
17:57:42 [Sirayn] I admit I nearly added in a healer mid-way through
17:57:46 [Lily] *hugs* Nurit
17:57:50 [Sirayn] but then I realised everybody had already told everybody else about being a roleless innocent
17:57:53 [Lily] Well done Nurit and Congrats to Mentor.
17:57:53 [Keiran] Thanks Sira. Farewell everyone!
17:57:58 [Lara] Bye, Kei!
17:57:59 Keiran exits from this room
17:58:01 [Lily] Take care!
17:58:10 [Sirayn] Arath, Nynaeve, Claire, Russ - how about Shan and Lily?
17:58:18 [Lily] Definitely.
17:58:19 [Lara] Great, Russ! Yay!
17:58:28 [Nynaeve] well if it makes you feel better, Lily...you made me feel guilty about being evil
17:58:30 [Lily] * Lily is hooked.
17:58:47 [Lily] Funny. I always make others feel guilty after my deaths.
17:58:55 [Lily] All good, Nurit.
17:58:57 [Nynaeve] * Nynaeve laughs
17:59:20 [Lily] You did a great job salvaging.
17:59:21 [Sirayn] just fine-tuning my role distribution
17:59:25 [Nynaeve] it was your mentor that killed you tough. Not me
17:59:38 [Lily] I forgot however that you had symp and guard experience before.
17:59:53 [Sirayn] Nynaeve was a great fake guard once upon a time
17:59:54 [Nynaeve] yeah
18:00:01 [Nynaeve] * Nynaeve ggls
18:00:07 [Nynaeve] best game ever
18:00:11 [Lily] I know. I couldn't understand why he hasn't pm-ed me his innocence. But Russ's accusation of Mentor threw me off. I was following the wrong scent.
18:00:14 [Sirayn] okay - Arath, Nynaeve, Claire, Russ and Lily are in!
18:00:16 [Nynaeve] i never laughed so much
18:00:18 [Sirayn] sending out roles now
18:00:19 [Shaneevae] The roles......what does each role do at night?
18:00:23 [Sirayn] a finder investigates
18:00:25 [Sirayn] killers kill
18:00:27 [Sirayn] guards guard
18:00:28 [Sirayn] and stuff
18:00:28 [Shaneevae] Shan!!!!
18:00:31 [Shaneevae] I'm in.
18:00:35 [Sirayn] are you in for the next game Shan?
18:00:37 [Sirayn] cool
18:00:43 [Lily] Like last role, if you're finder you investigate.
18:01:03 [Shaneevae] Okies, I got it.
18:01:06 [Lily] Nurit you should save the last mafia game, heheh
18:01:10 [Lily] I was so duped.
18:01:12 [Sirayn] *tweaks distribution some more*#
18:01:21 [Nynaeve] nah...it's ok
18:01:32 [Lily] And Shaneevae was correct. I was too zealous.
18:01:39 [Shaneevae] Red headed may not have been a good reason, but I was right.
18:01:55 [Lily] roleless innocents are sitting ducks.
18:02:07 [Lara] *quacks*
18:02:07 [Nynaeve] maybe in the last game
18:02:15 [Nynaeve] but this is a new one, Shan.
18:02:23 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) innocent - vig
18:02:31 [Shaneevae] Yes, it is.
18:02:43 [Lily] Aye. I was hurt that Nurit voted me, but now I see why.
18:03:09 [Lily] * Lily sits down on cushion
18:03:15 [Sirayn] 6 players, 4 to lynch. GO!
18:03:16 [Shaneevae] I'm hurt that all of you voted for me....except Lily that is.
18:03:32 [Lara] I didn't vote for you either, Shan
18:03:41 [Lara] I didn't get time to get my vote in
18:03:42 [Shaneevae] Who is innocent?
18:03:51 [Lily] Lol, no. I thought you weren't convinced of my innocence.
18:03:52 [Shaneevae] Thats right Lara.....you missed the vote.
18:03:52 [Sirayn] I'm innocent!
18:04:03 [Nynaeve] I am. But no one is going to believe me anyhow....
18:04:05 [Lara]
18:04:16 [Shaneevae] You were acting awfully Symp-like
18:04:37 [Lily] all the women
18:04:39 [Sirayn] the mod symps for Claire lovingly
18:04:41 [Sirayn] in a modly, impartial way
18:04:57 [Lily] so Russ, Arath, Claire, Shannon, Nurit and me?
18:05:08 [swisstony] I'm going to try and concentrate on what's actually going on this time.
18:05:09 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) any chance you'd be willing to work with me or are you too betrayed?
18:05:21 [Lily]>[Arath] (private) Hi. Are you the Vig again?
18:05:32 [Shaneevae] Arath has to be guilty cause he lynched me last time. *nods*
18:05:33 [Lara] * Lara is painted with a modly blush, and studies her shoes before abandoning her pretense at shyness
18:05:41 [Lara] Arath is being very quiet
18:05:45 [Arath]>[Lily] (private) Re: nope, i'm not important enough to vig this time
18:05:54 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I'll trust you again. What are you?
18:06:09 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) i'm a guard. You?
18:06:15 [Arath]>[Lily] (private) they don't trust me with it or something . . . not like i ever offed the wrong person or anything
18:06:24 [Shaneevae] Maybe if we talked about my rack he'd come out of hiding.
18:06:35 [Arath] but you were guilty last time!
18:06:48 [Sirayn] You know, Arath ... she looks good in a low-cut swimsuit
18:06:50 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I'm the innocent again. I think Sirayn likes to play games.
18:06:52 [Sirayn] haha, he arrived
18:06:53 [Nynaeve] The rack mention worked like a charm
18:06:54 [Shaneevae] Yes, but I was letting you cuddle me.
18:07:13 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Anyone said anything so far Wondrous Sister?
18:07:15 [Arath] ...
18:07:15 (Fri, 09 Mar 2007 18:06:14 -0500) Lily has closed the browser
18:07:20 Lily enters this room
18:07:25 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) like that wasn't obvious Russ claims he's roleless too...that leaves Arath and Shan
18:07:29 [Lily] Dammit
18:07:33 [Lara] wb Lily
18:07:39 [Arath] lily is acting suspicious, leaving the room like that . . .
18:07:51 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) what are your thoughts?
18:07:54 [Sirayn] yes, damn her
18:07:57 [Lily] *wrily* I was booted.
18:07:59 [Sirayn] 6 players, 4 votes to lynch. VOTE!
18:08:08 [Lara] Arath is pointing fingers, pointing fingers like that. And I am pointing fingers too, pointing fingers at Arath like that...
18:08:26 [Lara] I vote for Russ
18:08:34 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Why not Lara?
18:08:34 [Shaneevae] Arath, just cause.
18:08:52 [Arath] Shan, just cause
18:08:57 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I forgot Lara was playing!
18:09:06 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) Nurit says she's guard. I'm roleless again. What are you?
18:09:22 [swisstony] *is still confused* I think Shan again though. *votes Shan*
18:09:23 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Re: Finder Hand on the WoT bible
18:09:29 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) okay....Lara, Shan and Arath. Can you narrow that down?
18:09:34 [Lily]>[Arath] (private) Good. You're not lying 'causeI'm the Vig, Arath.
18:09:34 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae sticks out tongue at Arath and Russ.
18:09:52 [Shaneevae] I swear on all that is good and holy that I AM INNOCENT!
18:10:21 [Arath]>[Lily] (private) Re: does this look like a face that would lie?
18:10:48 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Lara is the Finder. So Shan or Arath. Arath isn't Vig. Shan ...
18:10:49 [Sirayn] 5
18:10:50 [Sirayn] 4
18:10:53 [Sirayn] 3
18:10:54 [Lily] Shan do you really?
18:10:55 [Sirayn] 2
18:10:58 [Sirayn] 1
18:11:05 [Sirayn] No lynch. Next vote in 5 minutes
18:11:07 [Lily] Why Russ? Instinct?
18:11:09 [Shaneevae] I really, really do!
18:11:19 [Lara] Gut feeling and instinct, yes.
18:11:51 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) Arath isn't vig? what does that mean?
18:12:05 [Lara] Its too early in the game to have any certainties
18:12:06 [Lily] Aye. I'll go with Russ then but for one thing. Nurit says Russ is innocent though...
18:12:13 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) And why haven't you sent me a pm yet??
18:12:41 [Lily]>[Shaneevae] (private) because 1 I was booted 2. I was pm-ing with Nurit who seems to think it's you or Lara.
18:12:57 [Arath] we should play with a village idiot . . .
18:12:58 [Lara] In this game, we only go on what we're told.
18:13:09 [Lara] And hope we catch someone out
18:13:12 [Shaneevae]>[Lily] (private) I am totally innocent. A real good guy this time.
18:13:31 [Shaneevae] How do you play that game and this better not be a joke.
18:13:38 [swisstony] I was once told I was depriving a village of a perfectly good idiot.
18:13:54 [Lily] Aye. That we do. I'm an innocent, folks. I believe that Lara is innocent too. Russ then.
18:14:17 [Lily] As for Shan, I like the all things holy and good oath
18:14:21 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) Russ claims he's roleless...shoudl we trust him?
18:14:30 [Lara] It isn't a joke. I am only going on instinct. If someone has been told something that someone else has said, we only have that person's word for it
18:14:34 [Shaneevae] Great new insult: You are one amino acid away from flinging your own poo.
18:14:44 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) that's the part I'm worried about.
18:14:55 [Lara] hahaha!
18:15:03 [Lily] Hahah. Or 3 nucleotides.
18:15:19 [Shaneevae] Exactly....confuse them even further.
18:15:25 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) you can tell Lara to invesigate me during the night if you want my role proven. And i'll protect whoever we think is in threat, k?
18:15:34 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) who are you planning to guard more?
18:15:51 [Shaneevae] Everyone that is innocent say you are innocent.
18:15:53 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I was actually thinking you
18:16:00 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) you could be a symp
18:16:14 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) you tend to die a lot
18:16:19 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Hahah, why?
18:16:19 [Lara] I'm innocent
18:16:42 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) whenever it's night i'm planning on protecting you.....so.....you don't die during the night....i'm the guard. Works for you?
18:16:46 [Shaneevae] I'm innocent.
18:16:52 [swisstony] * swisstony is innocent.
18:17:03 [Arath] i'd say it, but people would just accuse me of denial . . .
18:17:17 [Nynaeve] i think i'm going to go with Arath...
18:17:23 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) I have a preposition. Nynaeve offers you to investigate her who is a guard.
18:17:39 [Sirayn] 6 etc etc VOTE!
18:17:54 [Shaneevae] Avoidance! I vote Arath
18:17:55 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Re: And you're a vig?
18:18:05 [Lara] I am staying with my vote of Russ
18:18:10 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I believe you. There is no need for you to be investigated imo - waste of a night.
18:18:12 [Arath] man . . . damned if i do, damned if i don't . . .
18:18:20 [Nynaeve] I vote for Arath
18:18:22 [Shaneevae] Yep.
18:18:32 [Nynaeve] i think that if he's not the killer he's at least a symp
18:18:41 [swisstony]
18:18:44 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) I'm a vig but shh. That's how I found out Arath isn't lying but I'm innocent "roleless" for now
18:18:47 [Shaneevae] yep, which is his reason for avoiding it all.
18:18:58 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) *nods* eitherway, you're safe at nights unless we feel someone else will obviously be killed and needs it.
18:19:21 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Re: Its fine, I'm just working out who else to investigate. So far it is Russ or Shan...
18:19:27 [Arath] if i'd said innocent, shan would have just accused me anyway . . . she's got something against ex-snugglers
18:19:44 [swisstony] What makes you think that Nurit?
18:19:45 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) will you truly protect me? I'm a vig. And Lara knows I'm a vig too. Can we pretend for everybody else I'm an innocent "roleless" for now?
18:19:46 [Sirayn] 5
18:19:49 [Sirayn] 4
18:19:52 [Sirayn] 3
18:19:54 [Sirayn] 2
18:19:56 [Sirayn] 1
18:20:01 [Sirayn] No lynch. 5 minutes until the next vote
18:20:06 [Shaneevae] If you can't see the error of your ways then I have to point them out to you. *snuggles Arath*
18:20:08 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) what's a vig??
18:20:08 [Arath] no vote
18:20:11 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) but we don't know what Arath is. I think Russ
18:20:12 [Lara] gah... brb two ticks
18:20:14 [Lily] Russ
18:20:19 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) and yeah, i'll protect you.
18:20:23 [Arath] awww . . . i see the light . . . *snuggles*
18:20:27 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Re: Me too
18:20:31 Keiran enters this room
18:20:44 [Keiran] *poof*
18:20:51 [Shaneevae] Thats better. *strokes hair*
18:20:53 [swisstony] Lily?
18:20:57 [Sirayn] Lily, do you make a habit of voting only after the vote is over?
18:20:57 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) are you being confused again? A vig gets to target somebody they think is the killer at night hon. If I target right we can win the game.
18:21:00 [Sirayn] twice in a row now
18:21:01 [Lily] Aye?
18:21:03 [Sirayn] Keiran!
18:21:17 [Keiran] I'm back, but not sure for how long
18:21:26 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) oh, i didn't know that role. Ok *nods*
18:21:36 [Lily] Welcome back, Mentor. I'm scheming with some pretty women heheh.
18:21:39 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) and you've got my protection. you won't die during the night.
18:21:55 [Keiran] Good on you Mentee
18:22:02 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) The truth? You're not bluffing?
18:22:16 [Lara] Back
18:22:29 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I swear to god, you are NOT dying during the night. You'll see soon!
18:22:29 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) *sighs* I trust you. There is no need to waste an investigation. Besides, somebody might block Lara.
18:22:55 [Lily] I know.
18:22:59 [Lara] *with chocolate*
18:23:28 [Lily] Arath are you an innocent?
18:23:30 [Shaneevae] Ooh chocolate. Snuggles or chocolate?
18:23:43 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I promise you that you won't regret it. The only way i'm not going to be able to protect you is if i'm lynched during the night.
18:23:57 [Lara] Both Shan
18:24:02 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) ok.
18:24:13 [Lily] Hahah.
18:24:14 [Arath] that sounds messy . . .
18:24:15 [Shaneevae] I may just pass out from sensory overload then.
18:24:19 [Arath] laaaaaaaaaaaaag
18:24:32 [Sirayn] shan is stealing my women now as well as my men
18:24:34 [Sirayn] damn browns!
18:24:36 [Lily] No fratenizing with possible enemies.
18:24:48 [Sirayn] * Sirayn undergoes an existential crisis
18:24:51 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) what do you think?
18:24:56 [Arath] i've got brownies in the oven . . .
18:25:00 [Lily] So 2 votes for Russ?
18:25:05 [Sirayn] 6 players, 4 votes to lynch. FINAL VOTE!
18:25:09 [Shaneevae] Who did I steal?
18:25:14 [Lara] * Lara sidles up to Sira and offers offerings to the Moddess of Love
18:25:21 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I don't know. Russ has claimed to be roless but i'm not sure if he's being truthful..... can we really count on Lara? if so...mmmm...maybe Arath?
18:25:25 [Shaneevae] Ummm.....I do like cuddles.
18:25:27 [Sirayn] * Sirayn bestows her modly favour upon Claire
18:25:52 [Shaneevae] Arath.
18:25:59 [Shaneevae] I vote Arath.
18:26:04 [Arath] that a snuggle or a vote?
18:26:05 [Lara] * Lara = happy!
18:26:06 [Shaneevae] :dvl
18:26:06 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I think we can count on Lara - she usually does not lie. We'll see which she investigates.
18:26:09 [Arath] dangit . . .
18:26:11 [Lara] I vote Russ
18:26:14 [Shaneevae] :devl
18:26:19 [Shaneevae] :dvil
18:26:23 [Arath] no brownies for shan
18:26:26 [Shaneevae] Holy moly crap!
18:26:29 [Nynaeve] I vote Arath too
18:26:30 [Lara] : devil
18:26:38 [Sirayn] less flirt, more vote
18:26:44 [Shaneevae] I do have cheesecake.
18:26:48 [Shaneevae]
18:26:51 [Lily] Arath or Russ...
18:26:55 [swisstony] * swisstony votes Arath
18:27:01 [Sirayn] Lily, this time, please vote within the time limit
18:27:07 [Lily] Russ!
18:27:10 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) if Lara gets killed...the killer is Russ.
18:27:25 [Arath] I'm gonna have to vote Shan now . . . because nobody is making any sort of accusations against her
18:27:25 [Sirayn] 5
18:27:29 [Sirayn] 4
18:27:31 [Sirayn] 3
18:27:34 [Sirayn] 2
18:27:35 [Sirayn] 1
18:27:39 [Arath] aww, wth . . .
18:27:42 [Sirayn] No lynch! It is now night. Night actions in please
18:27:43 [Shaneevae] Because I am innocent.
18:27:44 [Arath] everyone hates me!
18:28:00 [Arath] i'm so gonna die tonight . ..
18:28:03 [Shaneevae] But you are a sexy man beast, Arath.
18:28:08 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Why? It'd be obvious suspicions cast on him.
18:28:08 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) Just sent my guarding PM to Sira. You're safe
18:28:15 [Nynaeve] lag
18:29:01 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) will you vig tonight?
18:29:06 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Thanks I'm saving my Vig kill then.
18:29:15 [Lily]>[Sirayn] (private) no, saving it
18:29:27 [Sirayn]>[Lily] (private) *nods*
18:29:52 [Lily]>[Lara] (private) I saved my Vig Kill. Did you investigate somebody?
18:30:17 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) How exactly does the vig role go? I mean....you've got just one chance to use it and it's only during nights?
18:30:38 [Lara]>[Lily] (private) Yes, I did
18:30:54 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae sings lullaby.
18:30:57 [Sirayn] You wake to bright sunshine, flowers and jelly babies!
18:31:01 [Lara] Just had to get some painkillers - back now
18:31:13 [Keiran] Ok folks, Mince cheese pies call. Farewell again!
18:31:17 Keiran exits from this room
18:31:17 [Arath] jelly babies?
18:31:20 [Sirayn] You hold hands and skip in a circle, singing songs of love.
18:31:23 [Shaneevae] Ooh that sounds good.
18:31:30 [Sirayn] Then you trip over a bloody form.
18:31:34 [Arath] awwww . . . how cute
18:31:37 [Sirayn] Oops.
18:31:43 [Arath] lol . . . that sounded wrong
18:31:44 [Nynaeve]
18:31:56 [Sirayn] Claire stares sightlessly up at you.
18:32:08 [Shaneevae] Claire!
18:32:13 [Sirayn] 5 survivors. Your 5 minutes begins now.
18:32:14 [Sirayn] *begin
18:32:16 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) It's Russ!
18:32:17 [swisstony] Sira is way too good at the creepy descriptions.
18:32:42 [Sirayn] I like to write them long and slow - ramps up the suspense
18:32:57 [Arath] makes us all anxious
18:33:06 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I told him Claire's role...and remember...he's a beginner
18:33:38 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) aye.
18:34:06 [Lily] It could be Russ. She was very adamant on him.
18:34:21 [Lara] *floats off to the pearly gates to observe and sit on the mod's knee*
18:34:25 [Shaneevae] Yes, thats what I was thinking.
18:34:27 [Lily] Shannon. Russ. Arath. Nurit. Me.
18:34:29 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) and now he's PMing me telling me......wait i thought the bad guys were Claire and Arath...now i'm confused
18:34:54 [Lily] But it would have been too obvious, no?
18:34:54 [Sirayn] * Sirayn dandles the sightless corpse
18:35:05 [Sirayn] we're all going Stephen King here!
18:35:09 [Shaneevae] That is so twisted. *cackles*
18:35:36 [Shaneevae] My memory is going.
18:35:38 [Lara] *grins*
18:35:52 [Lily] Not unless we switched to another form of locomotive transport.
18:36:02 [Lily] Blaine was Wicked. D:
18:36:18 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I don't know. Who do you think it is?
18:36:19 [swisstony] * swisstony is confused again.
18:36:28 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) i'm not sure who is what
18:36:37 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) How about we all accuse Arath, and then I will vig-kill Russ.
18:37:00 [Shaneevae] Russ has this innocent act down.
18:37:10 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) That way if Russ was lying about Arath and the game continues despite this, it'll take care of both of them.
18:37:12 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) are we positive Shan is inncoent then?
18:37:15 [swisstony] Sounds like I should read more Stephen King. Or perhaps just SOME Stephen King.
18:37:29 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) otherwise it sounds good
18:37:31 [Sirayn] read the Dark Tower
18:37:36 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) no we're not sure.
18:37:43 [Sirayn] 5, 3, etc, VOTE!
18:37:50 [Arath] i was never much of a steven king fan
18:37:50 [Lily] read the riddles.
18:38:04 [Lily] Er, I'm gonna go with Arath. Who is anxious.
18:38:08 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) lets go for Arath then
18:38:10 [Shaneevae] I vote Russ.
18:38:17 [Nynaeve] I vote for Arath
18:38:32 [Arath] oh come on!
18:38:42 [Arath] * Arath grumbles
18:38:43 [Shaneevae]
18:39:04 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) how about if I vig kill Russ and the killing continues we'll lynch Shan.... oh merde, there won't be enough of us
18:39:08 [Arath] i vote . . . russ
18:39:16 [Arath] he's too quiet
18:39:27 [Lily] Well who are you then?
18:39:38 [swisstony] I thought either Arath or Claire, but it can't be Claire..
18:39:44 [Lily] Russ is busy persuading folks of his innocent confusion methinks.
18:39:59 [Sirayn] 5
18:40:00 [Sirayn] 4
18:40:01 [Shaneevae] That is exactly what I think Lily.
18:40:02 [Arath] great . . .
18:40:03 [Sirayn] 3
18:40:04 [swisstony] But I can't think why Shan suspects me.
18:40:05 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) Russ wants to vote for Arath too....or Shan...which is weird cause you'd think one of them is his symp/killer
18:40:06 [Sirayn] 2
18:40:10 [swisstony] * swisstony votes Shan.
18:40:10 [Sirayn] 1
18:40:11 [Lily] No. Claire was the Finder.
18:40:16 [Sirayn] No lynch. 5 minutes. Continue
18:40:25 [Lily] Wait a sec I need to think
18:40:30 [Shaneevae] There has to be a shocked emoticon her somewhere.
18:40:44 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) 1. it could throw us off.
18:40:45 [Arath] whew . . . thought i was a gonner
18:40:45 [Shaneevae] here*
18:40:51 [Lily] Why do you suspect him, Shan?
18:41:04 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae dandles Arath on one knee and Russ on the other.
18:41:10 [Lily] question 1. who first accused Shan the first round of voting?
18:41:13 [Shaneevae] Simply because of his confused innocent bit.
18:41:27 [Shaneevae] Russ and Arath.
18:41:40 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) i honestly don't know who is who but i like that plan of yours, Lily.
18:41:43 [Lily] But Russ suspected Arath.
18:42:11 [Arath] along with everyone else . . .
18:42:12 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) but for it to work i think we should switch to Russ...vote with Shan...and then you can do the kill at night...
18:42:20 [Arath] all of you have voted for me!
18:42:25 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) It does not make sense to me. If we go with the plan and we guess wrong then we could lose.
18:42:46 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) ok
18:42:56 [Shaneevae] But Russ has consistently voted for me.
18:43:08 [Lily] Ok, the way I see it it's Russ or Arath. So Russ it is.
18:43:11 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) we're currently 5. If we kill an innocent...and you kill the killer at night we win....right?
18:43:14 [swisstony] I still suspect you, Arath.
18:43:15 [Lily] What do you think Nynaeve?
18:43:31 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) from the three of them...the one who looks self suspicious to me is Shan...
18:43:43 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Aye, but if I guessed wrong and killed an innocent, and the killer got ot kill somebody...
18:43:46 [Nynaeve] I think i'll go with Russ too
18:43:51 [Shaneevae] Russ hasn't even claimed innocence.
18:43:51 [swisstony] I don't think it's Nynaeve, and Lily seems plausible.
18:44:02 [swisstony] I have.. *points up*
18:44:11 [Shaneevae] Russ is the killer and Arath his symp.
18:44:14 [Lily]>[Nyaneve] (private) then why are we voting with Shan? (Offline)
18:44:30 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) then why are we voting with Shan
18:44:40 [Arath] * Arath checks the voting record
18:44:40 [Lily] Retract... thinking
18:44:41 [swisstony] Shan is deflecting.
18:45:04 [Lily] Who was the first to suspect Shan?
18:45:10 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae sings loud and clear of her innocence.
18:45:11 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) cause she's voting for Russ too...and we need majority to lynch him
18:45:16 [Arath] probably me . . . right after she suspected me
18:45:17 [swisstony] Does there have to be a killer and a symp? If so, I think possibly Arath and Shan.
18:45:35 [swisstony] If not, then I'm torn between the two.
18:45:37 [Arath] but i'm fickle like that
18:45:38 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) look...we kill russ....then you at night kill Arath...even if we got it all wrong...in the morning it's still you, me and shan. We'll outnumber her.
18:45:40 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae bounces for Russ.
18:45:46 [Sirayn] 5 players, 3 votes to lynch. VOTE!
18:45:47 [Shaneevae] Look into the cleavage.
18:45:47 [Lily] There usually is a killer-symp. Quibbler likes to do killer-killer combo.
18:45:52 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) you swear you are what you claim you are, though?
18:46:09 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) if I guessed wrong Shan will have killed one of us...
18:46:19 [Lily] Ok.
18:46:22 [Lily] Russ
18:46:30 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) not if i'm protecting you
18:46:36 [swisstony] I think I have to go for Shan again.
18:46:41 [Shaneevae] Russ
18:46:41 [Nynaeve] I'll vote for Russ too
18:46:48 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) but what about yourself?
18:47:04 [Lily] 3 votes for Russ. I believe that is majority.
18:47:05 Arie enters this room
18:47:07 [Sirayn] Russ is lynched! It is night. Night actions in please
18:47:17 [Arie] oOoo... chat mafia
18:47:22 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) i think she'll go for you. You're the brainy one
18:47:23 [Nynaeve] lag
18:47:28 [Arie] * Arie waves *
18:47:28 [Lara] Hey Arie
18:47:29 [Lily] Dammit.
18:47:41 [swisstony] Oh thanks guys! Lynch me on my second game!
18:47:42 [Arie] *lurks from the side*
18:47:50 [Nynaeve] lag
18:48:11 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I protected you. The rest is up to you, hun
18:48:12 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I will kill Shan, and leave Arath for our lynching if necessary.
18:48:31 [Shaneevae] So Russ isn't the killer?
18:48:43 [Lily]>[Sirayn] (private) Kill Shan
18:49:05 [Lily] * Lily sleeps.
18:49:11 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) Oh shit. Lily...Sira just told me that Guard doesn't protect people O_O
18:49:50 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Oh, yeah, you stopped my kill.
18:50:03 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) Lily...i can't prevent people's actions it seems. Who do i freeze?
18:50:28 [Lily]>[Sirayn] (private) You freeze Arath
18:50:28 [Sirayn] The night seems especially and improbably long tonight.
18:50:48 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) I just vig-killed Shan you freeze Arath.
18:51:08 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) Arath
18:51:10 [Arath] * Arath knows he's just been vigged . . .
18:51:19 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) done
18:51:28 [Sirayn] You lie awake in terror, until one by one, you begin to drop off to sleep.
18:51:28 [Nynaeve] lag
18:51:31 [Lily]>[Sirayn] (private) sorry wrong person was writing to Nurit
18:51:56 [Sirayn] Peaceful silence closes over you.
18:52:01 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) i'm sorry i got the roled confused again!
18:52:11 [Lily] I doubt you've been vigged Arath.
18:52:24 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) All good. We may yet lose.
18:52:25 [Shaneevae] I know you haven't.
18:52:39 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) Just a feeling. Something was not right.
18:52:46 [swisstony] I need a dictionary of chat-mafia terms.
18:53:03 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) If it's Russ...then someone dies tonight. As simple as that
18:53:09 [Arath] vigged = what i usually do to people when i have a job
18:53:16 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae threatens the mod. Spill it, sister!
18:53:20 [Sirayn] I'm sorting out my night actions - sorry - it's all gone a little bit spare
18:53:22 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) if no one dies, it's Arath.
18:53:47 [Sirayn] In the morning, you are woken once again by the bright sun!
18:53:48 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) if one of us dies it's ...
18:53:53 [Sirayn] You skip from your beds like little lambs.
18:54:07 [Sirayn] You laugh and play and look for candy.
18:54:11 [Sirayn] Blood is dripping from the roof.
18:54:35 [Arie] * Arie grins* awesome..
18:54:36 [Sirayn] You look up and see Shaneevae nailed to the roof.
18:54:37 [Nynaeve] lag
18:54:37 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) it can't be Arath for sure cause i froze him
18:54:38 [swisstony] * swisstony pictures Sage Kindness and his sack of glass...
18:54:47 [Lily]>[Nynaeve] (private) wait a sec, if Shan dies. And is the killer, she would have killed one of the innocents ... the game would have been over.
18:54:48 [Sirayn] 4 survivors, 3 to lynch. Continue.
18:54:51 [Shaneevae] Crap!
18:55:08 [Nynaeve] ARATH!
18:55:13 [Lily] Time to be honest.
18:55:13 [Shaneevae] Arath! Kill him!
18:55:14 [Arath]
18:55:15 [Nynaeve] i stopped his activites
18:55:24 [Lily] Something's not making sense here.
18:55:31 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) It's him! that's why there was no kill!
18:55:33 [Shaneevae] And I guarded him.
18:55:42 [Sirayn] Shan!
18:55:47 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) there is only a killer. No symp. Sira is being a smartass
18:55:50 [Sirayn] I am really not kidding about spoiling the players
18:55:52 [Arath] sooooo . . . someone was lying here
18:55:57 [Sirayn] That is unfair, unhelpful and damaging to the game
18:55:58 [Shaneevae] Shit! I'm dead.
18:56:09 [Sirayn] Please stop making comments, truthful or otherwise, after death
18:56:11 [Shaneevae] * Shaneevae dies again.
18:56:12 [Lily] I vig-killed Shaneevae. Nynaeve guarded me the first night. Nynaeve guarded Arath the second.
18:56:38 [Lily] What do you guys make of that?
18:56:55 [Arath] ??? Shan said she guarded me!
18:57:01 [Nynaeve] Lily
18:57:13 [Nynaeve] it's very simple....the Killer killed no one because I stopped his activites
18:57:19 [Lily] Aye?
18:57:19 [Nynaeve] that means Arath is our guy
18:57:23 [Shaneevae] Sorry, still new to this game....no reason to be bitchy.
18:57:37 [Arath] or lily is killer
18:57:45 [Nynaeve] that also means that Russ is an innocent and that Arath has no symp...otherwise this game would be over if we were tied with the evil ones
18:57:49 [Sirayn] Sorry, I did tell you last time as well
18:57:51 [Sirayn] shan
18:57:56 [Lily] Aye. Arath is it.
18:58:08 [Shaneevae] Not that I recall.
18:58:12 [Nynaeve] Lily can't be a killer cause I stopped YOUR night activities and there were NO night kills, Arath
18:58:13 [swisstony] At last - vindication! Bit late now though.
18:58:16 [Sirayn] I do recall
18:58:18 [Shaneevae] I went brb after last game.
18:58:21 [Lily] It just does not make sense.
18:58:29 [Nynaeve] So unless the killer got lazy this night....
18:58:44 [Lily] Wait I retract
18:58:46 [Nynaeve] it's you, Arath
18:58:46 [Lily] thinking
18:58:48 [Sirayn] haha, that would explain it
18:58:49 [Arath] ummm . . . shan died did she not?
18:58:55 [Lily] Nurit I've trusted you all this game
18:59:02 [Arath] in the night i believe
18:59:05 [Lily] We suspected Shan who is a guard
18:59:11 [Lily] and all along you were a guard
18:59:16 [Nynaeve]>[Lily] (private) I swear to go i'm innocent...you change your mind now, you lose the game
18:59:34 [Lily] the only other possibility I can see is you.. somehow used Shan's actions
18:59:46 [Nynaeve] Lily...you want to lose the game...vote for me. It's all i have to say. We are SO close and we've got it figured out.
18:59:50 [Lily] But I believe you despite my pitiful mind in denial .
18:59:52 [Lily] Arath
19:00:12 [Arath] but . . . there were two guards or what?
19:00:15 [Lily] 2 votes for Arath I believe.
19:00:16 [Nynaeve] You'll see i'm right!@
19:00:20 [Sirayn] my survivor count was wrong
19:00:24 [Sirayn] there are just 3 left, right?
19:00:31 [Lily] *nods*
19:00:31 [Sirayn] there's a reason why we have a voting period Lily
19:00:39 [Lily]
19:00:42 [Nynaeve] I vote for Arath too!
19:00:44 [Sirayn] 3 players, 2 to lynch. VOTE!
19:00:47 [Nynaeve] *lol* Sira
19:01:06 [Arath] i vote for lily
19:01:09 [Nynaeve] Did Russ die throught the game?
19:01:21 [Shaneevae] We lynched him.
19:01:25 [Lily] Though my mind says Nurit's plan works too perfectly, I'll go with Arath
19:01:28 [Arath] you lynched him
19:01:32 [Nynaeve] lag lag
19:01:33 [swisstony] Wake up Nurit - I was lynched ages ago!
19:01:48 [Nynaeve] O_O okay
19:01:49 [swisstony] *sulks*
19:01:52 [Lily] You urged me to go with Shan's to lynch him, remember, Nurit?
19:02:41 [Nynaeve] ah right right. I'm sorry. Anyway, lets win this game already!
19:02:41 [Sirayn] I only see votes from Arath and Lily so far
19:02:44 [Sirayn] 5
19:02:48 [Sirayn] 4
19:02:51 [Nynaeve] I vote for Arath
19:02:51 [Arath] bugger
19:02:51 [Sirayn] 3
19:02:54 [Sirayn] Arath is lynched!
19:02:56 [Lily]
19:02:59 [Sirayn] Night falls!
19:03:09 [Sirayn] Just kidding.
19:03:12 [Nynaeve] O_O LILY!
19:03:13 [Sirayn] GAME OVER
19:03:19 [Nynaeve] oh O_O
19:03:19 [Arath] lol
19:03:25 [Nynaeve] YAY
19:03:28 [Sirayn] INNOCENTS WIN!
19:03:29 [Lily] Hahah.
19:03:29 [Nynaeve] SEE!
19:03:31 [Nynaeve]
19:03:36 [Nynaeve] * Nynaeve cuddles Lily!
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