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1. Love nuances in the emails I get to death.

School-wise I got to basically dissect a lobster we iced and hook up its heart testing dosages of hormones. Cool, huh? After I get back I will have to do a human consent form for blindfolding 15 people and taking the ECG's of about 30 people, though it has been intimated to me that I could probably increase the controls to 20-ish.

Religion was fabulous. We're done with Ruzbihan Baqli and will be starting the women Martyrs when we resume class. I'll do some readings on that. Maybe.

Now - break. What's awesome is the spring break. Right now I'm done with my classes for the next two weeks, which I have off. As it is the last break before the summer vacation, I plan on enjoying myself (I think I'll read the Dune series, but hush-hush). Cannot wait to get home and see folks I've been missing.

Sam taught me how to play Stones last night. It's called Wei qi in chinese, and Dad actually admitted to knowing it. Hmm, why did I never bother to learn? All the rules are simple, but on the board it's counter-intuitive, and I have to be more economic with my stones and read more about shapes.

We'll see if I can find a computer program that lets me play against it for practice. :D

As for DM, the CoL suffered about 25 posts after the 25th that went missing. I didn't have the structure saved though; but this is a warning to start, and I think we all learn that lesson well enough. It's fun though. Just not to be discouraged and all. Lost 2 posts in Saline's training but meh - still Lyssa's turn. Hahah.

I felt terrible about my Mentee though. I should have been more responsible and archived everything for Ino, but it was spontaneous effortless posting that Sam was talking about, and it works. Nevertheless I might stick some here now and then since DM isn't loss-proof, just in case.

Grey's Anatomy to-night. Re-run?
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