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elwyn_centauri's Journal
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Friday, January 26th, 2007
4:48 pm

I know you are supposed to be the devil's tool et cetera which is why I feel rueful for not writing in you for anything other than posting random quizzes however fun and provocative they were; I wanted to point out that some folks do have a life but I don't seem to have any excuse at all, just been the state of nature - lazy. Fridays I haven't class, so here I sit spouting.

School in general is very very exciting this semester. I'm relaxed and have settled into a routine of waking early every morning to go to breakfast at 8 am with Jenny and Sasha before they trudge off to their respectable classes and I go to be quizzed or just sit in chinese. Jenny's thinking of taking a 5th course maths class I took last semester with a different and better professor so I'm lending her my bio as well as maths textbook which is cool 'cause I haven't any use for them, whereas Sasha's taking two chem labs and continuing with Rugby. aaah, even Rosa's got two upper lvl spanish intensive courses, and everybody is snowed with work 'cept for me atm. I'm all caught up on sleep and work and have almost finished with tuesday's lab (I think the labwork will be impressive considering how much I got done today) as well as my chinese for next monday's homework though I still need to start on that oral presentation I'm not too worried about it.

But where is my academic life? The one that has always anchored me, that I could moan, whine and make more work for myself? Dad says to take it easy, and I seem to be doing just that. I feel like I'm a slacker, but the funny thing is my courses aren't the typical easy courses. Of course it's nothing like the 3 lab blur of last semester, yet pondering on my courses so far I really like my professors. Okay, well chinese is the same old as last semester you memorise lots of characters and you write compositions and do conversation sessions and have two quizzes a week, and a test every two weeks. It's not so bad so far though the vocabulary is harder and more. For example had to read about why a poet committed suicide 'cause he loved the nation so much for Lesson 12, which is fun I guess :D

Religion 275, now that is really something. so far we talked about mysticism as a language and the techniques behind the esoteric and we're focusing mainly on jeish hellenistic christian and islamic and how they express the metaphorical other than through art or some far stretched branches of physics, but actually the transformations of the body, spirit and soul. that sounds pretentious, but for example the body, buddhists believe in getting beyond the body but there is also this celebration of the body. by celebration I don't mean the universal self-serving theme of "individual mysticism" but rather "too see inwardly" (muein) from primary texts some classical some modern and to draw your own associations and develop a form of logic.

The Professor brought up how there would be medieval women who starve themselves for religious purposes, whereas nowadays we think that behaviour deviates from societal norms and should be "treated" or should we really be permitting the person to seek out a "spiritual guide" of sorts so that she does not self destruct as Saint? I got some texts am reading in an anthology at the moment. My professor is a psychologist, so this course is bound to be interesting. she grew up in a psych ward in Norway, literally. Her accent is awesome. Her father worked there, and she's been exposed to many different folks from when she was 5 years old apparently.she could be called away though apparently she leads a double life working for the refugees in iraq and she is an active part of anmesty international so she says if she's away for a few days don't panic just keep reading the assignments. This is very technical class we are avoiding the search unknown and leaning the techniques, training regimens, and experiences expressed in their respective religious-cultural frameworks. furthermore we're dealing with native pedogogical and psychology issues, with mystical philosophy for overcoming human limitations as well as the social context, in that tension between individual and the collectives who tend to negate the "force of individualism" so we're doing politics as well we're trying to shy away from the "self-help" therapies and other "ego-enhancing" systems. she makes things depressing; says it's a very technical very negative course but we might learn some things. and she claimed that science majors always take religion courses, and that most bio majors double major in religion. the papers we will be writing aren't standard either. she wants creative analysis but disciplined logic. they should be very specific investigations into religious training or illnesses.

Reflections for Empire - right we're studying about british colonies in india in reflections my english seminar now *smiles* it's ironic how the british shape their ruling format to something the natives understand in order to exert power/control; and by exchange the natives resist and repell the foreigners with weapons from the british so to establish communication and control et cetera; whereas the british learned the language and culture. it's very neat. and all the countries formed then were 'cause the Brits drew the lines and brought them together in essence hehehe... oh btw 2 people dropped the course so there are 8 of us including the Professor who is absolutely amazing I hope I don't seem like I'm dominating the convo am the only girl in the course and am intimidated slightly, but does not deterr my interaction in class fortunately. :D

BIO 214 - Comparative Physiology: how do I even describe this bio course? It's mind-boggling! I have 3 people in my lab and Kelsey and I are quite productive study partners. :) The Prof's effective she goes over everything with chalk not like your typical slideshow graphics out of the book huge blocks of text coming at you then click sort of Profs *coughs last semester Bio 109* and as she does things step by step you get it especially if you've outlined the readings and she gives you a new situation gives you 1 to 3 mins to apply it step by step then it clicks before she explains it in her helpful lecturing manner. I freakin' love it!

I learned some facinating things this week... like isabella coloured hat is the colour of straw or that camels do not sweat while dehydrated to cool itself off it merely changes the degree of temperature in its body by 5 instead of the normal 2 for regulation or that alligators while laying their eggs if the temperature is hotter the sex of the baby is male if cooler female
or that a form of positive feedback which is basically increase = causes increase explosively the maximal contractions in your digestion tracts induces vomit like while you're spewing out stuff you never think; oh that's positive feedback!

Today I have no classes, so I went to sit in with Jenny and my roommate Lindsay on a course called Philosophy of Law. It appeared extremely fascinating, and the same prof, Mr Sehon taught logic courses. We listened to this case of speluncean explorers and how they got caught in a landslide and basically with some communication to the outside world which told them they weren't to be rescued for about another 10 days but that they'd starve to death before then so they decided to draw lots, and roll dice to decide which member would die and be eaten, except one of the members decided no he's not going to go cannibal yet they drew lots anyway and ate him the objecting one. They were rescued and tried for murder, found guilty but were adviced for clemency from the Chief Executive. *pulls face* So we discussed how this justice Foster decided "every proposition of law... is to be interpreted reasonably, in light of the evident purpose" et cetera. I liked another case we discussed how the law says anybody involved in crime with guns must be sentenced for 5 years in prison and this man was having an extremely bad day his ex wife left him horrid day at work, and there was a cabbie who asked for fare and he decides to pull his gun on the cabbie this gun he was gonna shoot himself with, nobody got hurt and it was just a rash stupid decision, and the judge withdraws by quitting 'cause she couldn't sentence such a man to five years in prison for pulling out a gun.

An english Prof's lecturing on Oscar Wilde sometime next week I could attend in between my Religion class and Reflections seminar, and next Friday I think that I could go to Tracey Kidder's common hour talk on Doctor Paul Farmer and watch the book signing going on of Mountains Beyond Mountains. As for RP-ing plans, I think I should post the bio for Loth sometime on DM. Oh and watch Grey's next Thurday. Sorry Quibby Sirific and the rest of Chat.

Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
5:37 pm
(Attn: Innuendo Squad) laugh, verily
Put your audio player software on random. Post the title of the first twenty songs that come up. Append "in My Pants" to the end of each title.

1. Wonderful World in My Pants (James Morrison)
2. Never-ending Story in My Pants (Within Temptation)
3. Black Sheep in My Pants (Sonata Arctica)
4. Brief is the Light in My Pants (Sentenced)
5. When A Woman Loves A Man in My Pants (Westlife)
6. Lost For Words in My Pants (Pink Floyd)
7. The Hardest Thing in My Pants (98 Degrees)
8. Blow Me Away in My Pants (Breaking Benjamin)
9. Waking Up Blind in My Pants (Evergrey)
10. Your Song in My Pants (Ewan Mcgregor & Alessandro Safina)
11. Angels in My Pants (Within Temptations)
12. Mandy in My Pants (Westlife)
13. The Root of All Evil in My Pants (Dream Theater)
14. Lost in My Pants (Evergrey)
15.The Gael in My Pants (The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards)
16. Fields of Gold in My Pants (Sting)
17. La ultima primavera in My Pants (Edward Grieg)
18. Pitiful in My Pants (Blindside)
19. Lost and Found in My Pants (Feeder)
20. Shany for Arethusa in My Pants (the Decemberists)

SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 movies (or a total loser if you've seen over 200) , you are a movie buff. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 movies on this list. Copy this list, go to your own MySpace account, and paste this as a bulletin. Then put an X next to the movies you've seen, add them up, change the header adding your number, and click "Post" at the bottom.

Have fun!

() Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Grease
(x) Pirates of the Caribbean
() Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
() Boondock Saints
() Fight Club
() Starsky and Hutch
() Neverending Story
() Blazing Saddles
() Airplane

Total: 2, though have heard music from rocky horror

(x) The Princess Bride
() AnchorMan
() Napoleon Dynamite
() Labyrinth
() Saw
() Saw II
( ) White Noise
( ) White Oleander
(x) Anger Management
() 50 First Dates
(x) The Princess Diaries
() The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Total so far: 5

() Scream
() Scream 2
() Scream 3
() Scary Movie
() Scary Movie 2
() Scary Movie 3
() Scary Movie 4
() American Pie
() American Pie 2
() American Wedding
() American Pie Band Camp

Total so far: 5

(x) Harry Potter 1
(x) Harry Potter 2
() Harry Potter 3
(x) Harry Potter 4
() Resident Evil 1
() Resident Evil 2
() The Wedding Singer
() Little Black Book
() The Village
() Lilo & Stitch

Total so far: 8

(x) Finding Nemo
( ) Finding Neverland
() Signs
() The Grinch
() Texas Chainsaw Massacre
( ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
() White Chicks
() Butterfly Effect
()13 Going on 30 (Suddenly 30)
(x) I, Robot
() Robots

Total so far: 9

() Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
() Universal Soldier
() Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
() Along Came Polly
() Deep Impact
() KingPin
() Never Been Kissed
() Meet The Parents
() Meet the Fockers
() Eight Crazy Nights
() Joe Dirt

Total so far: 9 (have read the book Meet the Fockers it had a different title but was funny)

() A Cinderella Story
() The Terminal
() The Lizzie McGuire Movie
() Passport to Paris
(x) Dumb & Dumber
() Dumber & Dumberer
() Final Destination
() Final Destination 2
() Final Destination 3
() Halloween
(x) The Ring
( ) The Ring 2
( ) Surviving Christmas
(x) Flubber

Total so far: 12

() Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
() Practical Magic
(x) Chicago
() Ghost Ship
() From Hell
() Hellboy
( ) Secret Window
() I Am Sam
() The Whole Nine Yards
( ) The Whole Ten Yards

Total so far: 13

() The Day After Tomorrow
() Child's Play
() Seed of Chucky
() Bride of Chucky
() Ten Things I Hate About You
() Just Married
( )Gothika
() Nightmare on Elm Street
() Sixteen Candles
(x) Remember the Titans
() Coach Carter
() The Grudge
( ) The Grudge 2
() The Mask
( ) The Son of the Mask

Total so far: 14

( ) Bad Boys
( ) Bad Boys 2
( ) Joy Ride (Roadkill)
( ) Lucky Number Sleven
() Ocean's Eleven
() Ocean's Twelve
(x) Bourne Identity
() Bourne Supremecy
() Lone Star
() Bedazzled
() Predator I
() Predator II
() The Fog
(x) Ice Age
(x)Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
() Curious George

Total so far: 17

() Independence Day
() Cujo
( ) A Bronx Tale
() Darkness Falls
() Christine
(x) ET
() Children of the Corn
() My Bosses Daughter
() Maid in Manhatten
() War of the Worlds
(x) Rush Hour
(x) Rush Hour 2

Total so far: 20

( ) Best Bet
() How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
() She's All That
() Calendar Girls
( ) Sideways
( ) Mars Attacks
( ) Event Horizon
() Ever After
(x) Wizard of Oz
(x) Forrest Gump
( ) Big Trouble in Little China
(x ) The Terminator
( x) The Terminator 2
( x) The Terminator 3

Total so far: 25

( ) X-Men
( ) X2
(x) Spider-Man
( ) Spider-Man 2
() Sky High
() Jeepers Creepers
( ) Jeepers Creepers 2
() Catch Me If You Can
(x) The Little Mermaid
() Freaky Friday
( ) Reign of Fire
( ) The Skulls
() Cruel Intentions
() Cruel Intentions 2
() The Hot Chick
(x) Shrek
() Shrek 2

Total so far: 28

( ) Swimfan
(x ) Miracle on 34th street
( ) Old School
() The Notebook
( ) K-Pax
( ) Krippendorf's Tribe
() A Walk to Remember
( ) Ice Castles
( ) Boogeyman
() The 40-year-old-virgin

Total so far: 29

(x) Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
(x) Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
(x) Lord of the Rings Return Of the King
() Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
() Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
() Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Total so far: 32

( ) BASEketball
( ) Hostel
( ) Waiting for Guffman
( ) House of 1000 Corpses
( ) Devils Rejects
() Elf
( ) Highlander
( ) Mothman Prophecies
(x ) American History X
( ) Three

Total so Far: 33

( ) The Jacket
( ) Kung Fu Hustle
( ) Shaolin Soccer
( ) Night Watch
(x) Monsters Inc.
(x) Titanic
(x) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
() Shaun Of the Dead
( ) Willard

Total so far: 36

( ) High Tension
( ) Club Dread
( ) Hulk
() Dawn Of the Dead
() Hook
() Chronicle Of Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
( ) 28 days
( ) Orgazmo
( ) Phantasm
() Waterworld

Total so far: 36

( ) Kill Bill vol 1
( ) Kill Bill vol 2
( ) Mortal Kombat
( ) Wolf Creek
() Kingdom of Heaven
() The Hills Have Eyes
( ) I Spit on Your Grave aka the Day of the Woman
( ) The Last House on the Left
( ) Re-Animator
( ) Army of Darkness

Total so far: 36

(x ) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
( ) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
( ) Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
(x) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
( x) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
( x) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
( ) Ewoks Caravan Of Courage
( ) Ewoks The Battle For Endor

Total so far: 40

( x) The Matrix
( x) The Matrix Reloaded
( ) The Matrix Revolutions
( ) Animatrix
( ) Evil Dead
( ) Evil Dead 2
( ) Team America: World Police
( ) Silence of the Lambs
( ) Hannibal
( ) Red Dragon

Total so far: 42 … did I count wrong?
4:37 pm
hmm I should read the bible sometimes; after all it is great literature.
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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
4:36 am
Your Love Song Is

Thankyou by Dido

"And I want to thank you for giving me
The best day of my life
Oh, just to be with you is having
The best day of my life."

It's all good, as long as you're in love.
Thursday, December 14th, 2006
7:40 pm
<td align="center"> elwyn_centauri --

A real life muppet

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

<td align="center"> Lily --

An alien

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
Monday, December 4th, 2006
8:24 pm
Red Priest
17:01:22 [Sirayn] Red Priest: Bulletproof (cannot be killed at night); can resurrect 1 dead player during the game; that player is automatically on their team

17:01:32 [Quibby] * Quibby can just imagine having the role of God in a game like this *

17:01:32 [Lavinya] I want his giblets

17:01:38 [Lily] Red Priest I like it

17:01:38 [Keiran] oooooooooooooo!

17:01:46 [Sirayn] There is a God and it's me

17:01:54 [Lavinya] ooh nice

17:01:56 [Lily] oooh shucks now I'm scared to play

17:02:03 [Lily] I know I'm to be good

17:02:06 [Lavinya] still can be lynched obviously?

17:02:09 [Quibby] I'll armwrestle you for the position, Sira

17:02:14 [Sirayn] Yes, can be lynched

17:02:21 [Sirayn] Okay, Z, Keiran, Lavinya, Quibby, Lily and Daemon, I am assigning you your roles

17:02:25 [Lavinya] are they evil or innocent?

17:02:30 [Keiran] and the plyer who is ressurected? Do they keep their old role? Or just become like a symp?

17:02:32 [Sirayn] gah - and James

17:02:41 [Daemon] How will the priest ressurect people?

17:03:03 [Keiran] PM Sira during the night I imagine Father

17:03:09 [Lily] * Lily thinks: lol can you imagine? you can't lynch me I'm the Red Priest!

17:03:14 [Sirayn] *nodnod*

17:03:17 [Sirayn] The resurrectee becomes a symp to the resurrector

17:03:34 [Lavinya] so Red Priest is evil...

17:03:35 [Sirayn] Innocent, I think, otherwise it becomes too strong a role

17:03:42 [Lily] so the priest is showing up as innocent or guilty?

17:03:43 [Sirayn] Innocent but with symp

17:03:43 [Keiran] haha Mentee

17:03:46 [Lily] ok

17:03:47 [Quibby] Think of it like a Necromancer and his summoned minions

17:03:53 [Lavinya] ok

17:03:58 [Sirayn] Innocent under investigation

17:04:13 [Lily] he should drink strong drinks and fight with a burning sword

17:04:20 [Sirayn] So I'm not spoiling dead players until after 1. the Red Priest is dead, 2. the Red Priest has used their resurrection, or 3. game ends

17:04:27 [Lily] like the priest from song of ice and fire

17:04:28 [Sirayn] Lily gets my references!

17:04:34 [Sirayn] Passionate love of passionate passion

17:04:36 [Lily] whoa

17:04:55 [Lily] Sirific my darling that's very shooting in the blind

17:04:58 [Quibby] Never read the series

17:05:12 [Sirayn]>[Lily] super-symp - same as last game - your killer is Quibby

17:05:19 [Lily] mais oui I shouldn't fancy kissing them to life though

17:05:24 [Quibby]>[Lily] So our roles are reversed...

17:05:28 [Lavinya] me either

17:05:29 [Lily]>[Sirayn] thanks

17:05:38 [Lily]>[Quibby] perhaps we'll win again?

17:05:59 [Lily]>[Quibby] or at least be very challenged. the light forces are stronger

17:05:59 [Quibby]>[Lily] Maybe

17:06:09 [Quibby]>[Lily] True true

17:06:16 [Lily]>[Quibby] let's think.

17:06:31 [Sirayn] Got your roles? Any questions to the mod via PM. GO!

17:06:31 [Lily] sorry folks I really have to brb can the game not start for 2 mins?

17:06:35 [Lily] crap

17:06:36 [Quibby]>[Lily] However, the Necro (I don't care waht she calls him) can only pull that trick once

17:06:42 [Sirayn] or maybe we'll hold for 2 minutes

17:06:47 [Daemon] Got it

17:06:55 [Lavinya] holding

17:07:09 [Keiran] two minute hold it is, i think ill brb too

17:08:17 [Lily] back

17:08:50 [Lily] sorry needed explaining the lab to somebody, and after this game I have a meeting

17:08:54 [Sirayn] hold for K-dude

17:09:06 [Quibby]>[Lily] So we've got Kei, Lavi, Dae, James, you, and me. Is that all?

17:09:07 [Lily]>[Quibby] Red Priest

17:09:13 [Lily]>[Quibby] aye

17:09:48 [Quibby]>[Lily] I know what she calls him, but I like the term Necromancer better

17:09:49 [Lily]>[Quibby] half innocent, half evil, or you think she'll assign all switched? heh!

17:10:06 [Keiran] back

17:10:08 [Lily]>[Quibby] you could read the series. he was a bald creature

17:10:13 [Lily] wb!

17:10:19 [Sirayn] 5 minutes, you know the drill. GO!

17:10:22 [Keiran] washing to hang out

17:10:37 [Quibby]>[Lily] I think that she'll go hard on us this time around

17:10:49 [Quibby]>[Lily] It's probably us against all of 'em

17:11:26 [Quibby] This might be a fun game to play in a voice chat, where you could hear the different stresses in people's voices

17:11:38 [Sirayn] You'd be able to hear me laughing my head off all the time

17:11:39 [Quibby] Rather difficult to pull off with the night actions, but still fun

17:11:52 [Daemon] I guess we're waiting for son to be back

17:11:56 [Lily] * Lily grins. and those of us without microphones can wring out hands out

17:11:57 [Lavinya] I'd keep dropping out

17:12:00 [Keiran] I agree Quibb, and less danger of PMs going loose as well

17:12:08 [Sirayn] You could send the night actions via chat PM in the usual way

17:12:16 [Lily]>[Quibby] shit. I hope not

17:12:27 [Daemon] I was going to suggest that

17:12:30 [Quibby] True true, but people would be able to hear the typing

17:12:39 [Sirayn] * Sirayn zips lips and gestures wildly for lynching soon!

17:12:57 [Quibby] And on with the evermore complex plot

17:13:36 [Lily] *laughs* and what about singing to draw attention? that's ridiculously funny

17:13:43 [Quibby] * Quibby fiddles around with a nitroglycerine recipe, trying to make a higher-yielding solution *

17:14:12 [Lily] * Lily sips her ale

17:14:13 [Lavinya] where is James? *raises eyebrow*

17:14:17 [James] I think its Quibby, because we have to start somewhere

17:14:34 [Lily] yay Quibby's right.

17:14:50 [Lily] he always gets accused by somebody in the first round *explains*

17:14:54 [Quibby] And somewhere normally starts with me, anyway *shrugs*

17:14:55 [James] And thats where a few minutes of contemplation got me, go my detective skills

17:15:28 [Lavinya] Lily didn't get any accusations last game and she was guilty...*looks at Lily*

17:15:29 [Keiran] Is Polly a detective name?

17:15:40 [James] I wouldn't know Dolly

17:15:51 [Keiran] Fair enough

17:16:26 [Sirayn] I think Zylazlo has dropped out. 5 players

17:16:34 [Sirayn] Therefore 3 votes to lynch. VOTE!

17:16:42 [Keiran] yes, she could be a good place to start

17:16:55 [Lavinya] Lily

17:16:55 [Lily] * Lily shrugs. I never lied about anything. I sort of knew all teams were evil except for Myth and later after Quibby died, Zach. The hard part was figuring out who are the Symps, who are the Killers?

17:16:59 [James] I'll go Lily

17:17:07 [James] She talks too much

17:17:20 [Keiran] Lily it is

17:17:30 [Lily] I can assure you if you think I'm under question I'm innocent. I'll never lie to you about my identity

17:17:32 [Quibby] Now that we've gotten my prerequisite accusation out of the way, I'm voting for James

17:17:39 [Lily] I always talk too much.

17:17:40 [Sirayn] 5

17:17:48 [Sirayn] 4

17:17:55 [Lily] why James?

17:17:56 [Sirayn] 3

17:18:02 [Quibby] Mostly because he accused me right off, and I'm pretty clueless right now

17:18:06 [Sirayn] 2

17:18:13 [Sirayn] 1

17:18:19 [Sirayn] 0

17:18:27 [Sirayn] Lily swings! It is now night. PMs in please

17:18:28 [Lily] I'm waiting for more evidence

17:18:32 [Lily] darn

17:18:54 [Sirayn]>[Lily] stay on standby in case somebody resurrects you

17:18:55 [Lily]>[Quibby] I'd show up innocent under questioning

17:19:10 [Lily]>[Sirayn] lol I doubt that'll happen but thanks

17:20:38 [Sirayn] I've changed my mind. Resurrection can happen during the day period as well

17:20:46 [Sirayn] Any time the Red Priest likes

17:21:02 [Lily] can you change your mind, God?

17:21:12 [Sirayn] I'm infallible, it's my prerogative

17:21:19 [Lily] * Lily is merely asking and not challenging

17:21:29 [Sirayn] You wake up to a gory sight.

17:21:33 [Quibby] As is misspelling 'perogative,' I see...

17:21:42 [Lily] darn. I hate you Red Priest!

17:21:48 [Sirayn] Look it up in the dictionary, minion

17:22:00 [Sirayn] The weaker among you scream like little girls.

17:22:11 [Lavinya] she spelt it right

17:22:15 [Sirayn] Lavinya and Quibby are locked in a gory double murder/suicide gory lock of doom.

17:22:26 [Sirayn] It is day. Continue.

17:22:30 [Lily] heh

17:22:40 [Keiran] o wow....

17:22:41 [Lavinya] :O

17:22:49 [James] ?

17:22:53 [Lavinya] hey!

17:22:53 [Quibby]>[Lily] Looks like I was wrong

17:22:59 [Sirayn] NB: Be careful who you kill.

17:23:01 [Quibby] Damn...

17:23:23 [Sirayn] Lily is miraculously resurrected!

17:23:29 [Sirayn]>[Lily] you're Daemon's new symp

17:23:35 [Lily]>[Quibby] no worries

17:23:36 [Sirayn] Who woulda thunk it?

17:23:43 [Lily] Damn *echoes*

17:24:32 [Daemon]>[Lily] Arise, daughter

17:24:50 [Lily] * Lily thinks they should have chosen Quibby, but gets up from the gravebed

17:24:55 [Keiran] Wow....

17:25:06 [Lily] * Lily hides for a while, because it is cold and looks for her Creator

17:25:23 [Sirayn] You can lynch the walking undead

17:25:28 [Lily]>[Daemon] Father, I should protect you every turn, until I die. I will not last long

17:25:42 [Daemon]>[Lily] What was your original role?

17:25:56 Vera enters this room

17:25:58 [Lily] * Lily changes into a tunic, and feels much better

17:26:08 [Lily]>[Daemon] SuperSymp

17:26:15 [Keiran] I think its Dae, he hasnt said anything the whole game

17:26:22 [Keiran] Hello Mentor

17:26:25 [Lavinya] hey Mrija!

17:26:28 [Daemon]>[Lily] Hmmm ,,, beware of James

17:26:37 [Vera]

17:26:43 [Daemon]>[Lily] And probably Keiran

17:26:44 [Vera] Hello!

17:26:46 [Sirayn] Hi Vera!

17:26:48 [James] Hey Mrija

17:26:50 [Lily]>[Daemon] James it is. James and Keiran?

17:26:55 [Lily] who's playing?

17:27:03 [Lily] Welcome Vera

17:27:22 [Lily] * Lily plops self down and drinks ale

17:27:28 [James] That was awfully quick to accuse there Dolly

17:27:34 [Sirayn] There are 4 players, counting the walking undead, so 3 votes to lynch. VOTE!

17:27:47 [Lily] You were awfully quick to accuse me, James *sulks*

17:27:47 [Daemon]>[Lily] I do believe so

17:27:58 [Lily]>[Daemon] that's it? wow

17:28:02 [James] I know

17:28:08 [James] And it felt really good too

17:28:17 [Sirayn] Hello and welcome to the land of necromancy Vera

17:28:24 [Daemon] James, he is smart, and know how to control himself, plus, he accused Quibby, who is now dead

17:28:29 [Lily]>[Daemon] Let's accuse James. Because Mentor is being accused

17:28:34 [Keiran] Its only fair, people who dont talk are often plotting away in teh background

17:28:44 [Lily] Why accuse Mentor?

17:29:03 [Vera] Thankyou for the warm welcome Sirayn

17:29:03 [Sirayn] 5

17:29:08 [Lily] James, Mentor had a reason for accusing father

17:29:09 [Sirayn] 4

17:29:12 [James] Because I know it isn't me, and Daemon has been absent

17:29:13 [Keiran] No one is accusing me are they?

17:29:17 [Sirayn] 3

17:29:23 [Sirayn] 2

17:29:28 [Sirayn] 1

17:29:33 [Sirayn] 0

17:29:39 [Sirayn] No lynch. Continue, 5 minute

17:29:40 [Lily] *shrugs* he was just saying you were awful quick to accuse

17:30:09 arie enters this room

17:30:14 [arie] * arie waves

17:30:16 [Lily] * Lily hugs mum!

17:30:17 [Keiran] I think it is a fair accusation all things considered

17:30:21 [Quibby] Hey, Arie

17:30:23 [arie] IT WAS VERA!

17:30:25 [Keiran] Mother!

17:30:27 [arie] *laughs*.. jk..

17:30:29 [Daemon] ARIE!!! *showers in kisses*

17:30:31 [arie] ^_^

17:30:36 [Lily]>[Daemon] I'm trying to throw Mentor off your track

17:30:39 [Lavinya] heya Arie

17:30:41 [James] I don't Not when Daemon is usually a bit absent unless Andrea makes an appearance like just now

17:30:42 [Sirayn] Hi Arie

17:30:43 [Daemon] * Daemon ponders

17:31:16 [arie] * arie chuckles * i inspire activity, what can i say

17:31:19 [Lily] * Lily thinks. Who do you think it is, James?

17:31:23 [Keiran] Fair enough

17:31:31 [Lily] you're a stimulating Red

17:31:33 [Daemon] * Daemon decides to leave that uncommented*

17:31:51 [arie] * arie smirks*

17:31:54 [James] I'm going to go with Dolly, seeing as it can't be you Lily as you just got resurrected

17:31:59 [Daemon]>[Lily] Who were you super symp to, Luly?

17:32:00 [Vera] *grins and smiles and grins* Was that my name?

17:32:04 [Lily] clever

17:32:11 [Lily]>[Daemon] Quibby

17:32:13 [arie] eitherway.. after killing a few shoulder muscles it is time i cook.. brb

17:32:33 [Lily] thanks evilspawn

17:32:37 [Daemon]>[Lily] So scratch him, and he probably killed Lac

17:32:46 [Sirayn] The grave begins to twitch again

17:32:51 [Lily] but why not you?

17:32:57 [James] You're welcome Wang

17:32:57 [Sirayn] A hand bursts out, showering earth everywhere, in true horror movie style

17:33:00 [Sirayn] It's ... it's ...

17:33:10 [Sirayn] Lavinya rises from the grave!

17:33:20 [Lily] why is mentor guilty?

17:33:29 [Lavinya] Muahahaha!!

17:33:32 [Lily]>[Daemon] crap we have two red priests!

17:33:35 [Quibby] * Quibby starts beating his head against the lid of his coffin *

17:33:42 [Lily] you know an act of God isn't nice

17:34:06 [Sirayn] It's not an act of God.

17:34:19 [Daemon]>[Lily] Yes, or an act of God

17:34:20 [Lily] * Lily grins furthermore can a single Red Priest call up his symps, or do we have two RPs?

17:34:36 [Lily]>[Daemon] there you go

17:34:40 [Sirayn] A single Red Priest can only resurrect once

17:34:44 [Daemon] Chat lag!

17:34:45 [Lavinya] *looks to avenge her killer*

17:34:51 [Lily] and if Princess rises, then Mentor sorry but you'll be lynched

17:36:04 [Lavinya] perhaps I will want to lynch someone elses symp?

17:36:04 [Daemon] Who were playing again?

17:36:25 [Lily]>[Daemon] I wasn't sure who was the RP, but Mentor can't be. He wouldn't have resurrected Lavinya

17:36:28 [Sirayn] Daemon, James, Keiran, un-Lavinya, un-Lily

17:36:45 [Quibby] Just ignore that drumming sound from the graveyard

17:36:49 [Lily] Why would you want to do that *smiles sweetly*

17:37:09 [Sirayn] * Sirayn ignores that drumming sound from the graveyard

17:37:17 [Lavinya] I do what master wishes

17:37:28 [Lily]>[Daemon] James - RP, Mentor - Killer, You - RP, Lavinya - SuperSymp, me - Supersymp

17:37:39 [Lily] Hear that, Sirific? *yells*

17:37:50 [Daemon]>[Lily] I do believe you're right

17:38:13 [Daemon]>[Lily] Though I can't shake a feeling that James is the one to bla,e

17:38:17 [Sirayn] The undead should be grateful that they live at all

17:38:21 [Lily] your master is not evil, Lavinya. *smiles* he would want to lynch the killer - Mentor

17:38:32 [Sirayn] It is only through the divine intervention of the mod that the Red Priest(s)' power can be channelled

17:38:35 [Daemon]>[Lily] At night block yourself, I can't get killed

17:38:37 [Quibby] *muffled shout from the graveyard* Yeah!

17:38:44 Jade enters this room

17:38:54 [Quibby] wb, Jade

17:39:00 [Daemon] Hello Jade

17:39:02 [Sirayn] wb Jade

17:39:10 [arie] JADE!!

17:39:11 [Lily]>[Daemon] ok. first I'll try not to get lynched

17:39:25 [Jade] heey peoples!

17:39:39 [Daemon]>[Lily] I will try the same

17:39:56 [Lily]>[Daemon] there cannot be two red priests, evil and not evil? no both are innocent. unless you didn't raise me. thanks

17:40:04 [Lily] Welcome Jade

17:40:13 [Jade]

17:40:18 [Lily] evilspawn and mentor's being quiet

17:40:21 [Daemon]>[Lily] I raised you

17:40:22 [arie] * arie goes back to doing dishes

17:40:26 [Sirayn] Vote, by the way

17:40:28 [Sirayn] VOTE!

17:40:33 [Lily]>[Daemon] good

17:40:34 [Keiran]>[Lily] Mentee, Im the otehr Red Priest, Lav is my Symp, which means either Dae or James is the Killer, that depends on who your RP is?

17:40:44 [Lavinya]>[Lily] Keiran raised me - vote James!

17:40:48 [Daemon] I vote James

17:40:48 [James] Two wolfkin posts infront of me

17:40:55 [Keiran] I think it is James

17:41:00 [Lavinya] James

17:41:09 [Lily] James

17:41:11 [James] Heh, are you so sure?

17:41:14 [Keiran] I vote James too

17:41:16 MrSkolnick enters this room

17:41:24 [Sirayn] 5

17:41:25 [James] If there have been two resurrections

17:41:25 [MrSkolnick] And I'm back

17:41:26 [Keiran] wb Skoll

17:41:29 [Sirayn] 4

17:41:35 [James] And four people voting against one

17:41:35 [Sirayn] 3

17:41:40 [Lily] if we're not sure it's a draw

17:41:40 [Daemon]>[Lily] Had Lav been raised my James she would not vote against him, yes

17:41:41 [Sirayn] 2

17:41:43 [James] That suggests there'll be a deadlock next round

17:41:48 [Sirayn] 1

17:42:06 [Sirayn] 0

17:42:06 [Lily]>[Daemon] Yes

17:42:06 [James] Because one of you has to be evil

17:42:13 [Sirayn] James swings

17:42:29 [Daemon] Either deadlock or a win

17:42:32 [Sirayn] GAME OVER! Innocents win. Sorry all, I made some hilariously awful modding mistakes

17:42:36 [Lavinya] Red Priests are innocent, I saw nothing about them being able to kill

17:42:41 [Sirayn] *bangs head on desk*

17:42:44 [Lily] It's all good

17:42:49 [James] Damn, I was making my salespitch, it could have worked

17:42:52 [MrSkolnick] Priests...O.o

17:42:52 [Keiran] YES!!!!

17:42:56 [Sirayn] You shouldn't let me mod even when I'm sober, it's a danger to everyone

17:43:04 [Keiran] I knew I knew I knew

17:43:05 [Lily] I was sure the Mentor won't have chose to ressurrect Princess

17:43:07 [MrSkolnick] This one seems interesting...

17:43:11 [Lily] But Father convinced me

17:43:16 [James] In the future, RP symps shouldn't know who their benefactor is

17:43:21 [Sirayn] Note to self: giving the innocents two Red Priests is a dumb idea

17:43:23 [Keiran] Well I did

17:43:27 [Sirayn] Yeah - or one evil and one good

17:43:34 [Lily] as well as Princess saying she would unwillingly obey Master

17:43:39 [Daemon] * Daemon shows off proudly red priest mantle* Rise, my daughterm, and join the world of the living once more

17:43:42 [Sirayn] Or resurrect without knowing their benefactor and with the same role, so potential to raise killers or guards or whatever

17:43:44 [Lavinya] Quibby and I killed each other....should have been game over there, yes?

17:43:46 [Lily] yeah we thought one's good and one's evil and it'll be a draw

17:43:52 [Quibby] And left me as Worm Buffet

17:44:09 [Lily] * Lily hugs her family. glad you trusted me, mentor

17:44:15 [Sirayn] You didn't want to miss two Red Priest resurrections, did you?

17:44:19 [Keiran] How did you two kill each other?

17:44:24 [Lily] they loved your liver

17:44:29 [Lavinya] I think raise to their old role...Keiran thought I was a finder

17:44:42 [Lily] we should have had three resurrections

17:44:44 [Lily]

17:44:46 [Sirayn] Anyway, I suck at modding. I am unable to count votes, incapable of balancing roles properly and generally dumb

17:44:49 [Sirayn] Somebody else's turn

17:44:56 [Keiran] No, I thought you were a symp Lav

17:44:58 [Daemon] I can mod if you want

17:45:07 [Lily] well I did offer to mod

17:45:11 [MrSkolnick] Resurrection... I'm so dissappointed I missed that one.

17:45:13 [Lavinya] but we were raised to innocent...so 4 innocent versus one supersymp....
7:53 pm
Even numbers in ChatMafia
15:38:03 [Quibby] I take it we've started, then?

15:38:14 [Sirayn] No, still assigning roles

15:38:16 [Lily]>[Quibby] you probably could *nods*

15:38:17 [Sirayn] They're complicated

15:38:25 [MrSkolnick] There should be a survivor type game...

15:38:42 [Lily] uh oh I might be slightly distracted

15:38:50 [Myth] *sits there dazed and confused*

15:38:53 [Quibby]>[Lily] If I kept attacking your character long enough...

15:39:22 [Sirayn]>[Lily] killer - your symp is Quibby BUT Quibby has special abilities - let him tell you

15:39:31 [Lily] it's ok. just be on your toes and stay suspicious/alert

15:39:41 [Lily]>[Quibby] tell me all

15:39:59 [MrSkolnick] And always consider me your friend.

15:40:13 [Myth] am i in or not?

15:40:19 [Sirayn] Is that straight?

15:40:38 [Lily] you're in methinks if only to fill up one gross

15:40:41 [Sirayn] No, I'm closing sign-ups - sorry - but this really won't work with an odd number of players

15:40:55 [Quibby]>[Lily] Aside from the fact that I would be right if this were the previous game... killer

15:40:57 [Lily] oh.

15:41:11 [Lily]>[Quibby] I think she's assigned Killer and Symp to all

15:41:20 [Sirayn] Everyone got their stuff? GO!

15:41:22 [Myth] huh? qhat? i'm confused again... heh

15:41:26 [Lily]>[Sirayn] have you assigned Killer and Symp to all?

15:41:44 [MrSkolnick] Everytime she does that it reminds me of the stock market...

15:41:46 [Quibby]>[Lily] Hmmm... That means that my power to block all incoming and outgoing actions to another person will be useful...

15:41:47 [Lily]>[Sirayn] lol don't answer that

15:42:13 [Lily]>[Quibby] aye is it your special ability?

15:42:17 [Lavinya] *starts bidding on her future*

15:42:24 [Sirayn] If you still want to play - sorry to mess you around - something has occurred to me

15:42:35 [Myth] oh yeah, what? *eyes Sira skeptically*

15:42:43 [Lily] * Lily gives her an andoran crown

15:43:18 [Lily]>[Quibby] oh uh I told Sirific my suspicions 15:41:26 [Lily]>[Sirayn] have you assigned Killer and Symp to all? lol don't answer that

15:43:24 [Quibby] What? She's worth more than me?

15:43:32 Jade exits from this room

15:43:37 [Lily]>[Quibby] I think I'm right, because now she's adding Myth as an unknown element

15:43:49 [Quibby] Oh, wait... she's the Mod's toy. I forgot

15:43:56 [Quibby]>[Lily] Good point

15:44:05 [Lily] Why Quibby my dear cannabalistic pyromanic you're princeless

15:44:12 [Lavinya] the toy she plays like a fiddle

15:44:13 [Lara] Don't remind me of the stock market - it reminds me of work...

15:44:17 [Lily] * Lily is a shot, nasty and expensive

15:44:32 [Lavinya] princeless indeed

15:44:32 [Keiran] hehehe at least he's not priceless

15:44:33 [MrSkolnick] Fiddlesticks!

15:44:45 [Lily] I rather liked the stock market, but the terminology is tough *sympathizes*

15:44:48 [Quibby] * Quibby 's price is set somewhere around one (1) nuclear warhead *

15:44:52 [Lily]>[Quibby] look around for who's cocky

15:45:13 [MrSkolnick] I wonder why its a nuclear warhead and not a small country...

15:45:22 [Lily]>[Quibby] oh try to figure out who Myth is but don't give anything away. ah and what to do/best plan of action if I'm right?

15:45:24 [Lavinya] *starts probing for clues*

15:45:37 [Keiran] He can just hold the small country hostage with the warhead Skolly

15:45:52 [Quibby] Exactly

15:45:59 [Lily] so does anybody want to accuse? I'm not the finder this time and I don't like boring jobs

15:46:07 [Nynaeve] Goodnight everyone

15:46:07 [Quibby] *is probed* Hey! That probe is cold!

15:46:12 [MrSkolnick] So he's worth the warhead AND a small country... touche...

15:46:21 [Keiran] Gnight Nyn!

15:46:22 [Lavinya] night Nyna! *liiiiiicks*

15:46:22 [Lily] Sleep well and wake, Nynaeve!

15:46:28 [MrSkolnick] Night Nyn

15:46:34 [Lavinya] you love it

15:46:50 [Quibby] Heck, I'm worth a large country, too, if I take the capitol of said country hostage

15:46:52 [Lara] Night Nyna!

15:47:15 [Myth] heh probed.

15:47:15 [Lily] * Lily looks after Disendra's chickens

15:47:15 [Lavinya] well probing Quibby turned up some rather scry results I'm gonna have the lab analyse...

15:47:41 [Lily]>[Quibby] shit! I think Myth is the finder

15:47:47 [Quibby] Please tell me... is my prostate okay?

15:47:51 [Lily] are you the finder then, Princess?

15:48:10 [Lily] * Lily had rather enjoyed being Finder

15:48:27 [Lavinya] sadly I am not Lily

15:48:27 [Quibby]>[Lily] That could be bad. Let's not bother with killing him, though. I'll block his actions, you kill somebody else, maybe Lavi

15:48:31 [Lily] last game anyway You'd think folks will talk more as there are more players here

15:48:32 [MrSkolnick] Being healer was fun... even though I didn't get to do anything!

15:48:55 [Lily]>[Quibby] their Symps could block me, but I'll go for Princess

15:49:09 [Sirayn] Player list: Keiran, Lara, Lavinya, Lily, Myth, Quibby, Zylazlo-

15:49:16 [MrSkolnick] I'm curious though... what are the roles this time...?

15:49:20 [Sirayn] VOTE! 6 players, 4 votes to lynch

15:49:22 [Lily]>[Quibby] I was trying to see if Princess lies about Finder as I'm sure Myth is Finder

15:49:28 [Lavinya] * Lavinya milks Quibby's prostate

15:49:33 [Sirayn] It's because I switched PM communication on. They're all scheming

15:49:45 [Keiran] Claire is being rather quiet?

15:49:45 [Sirayn] MrSkolnick = Zylazlo, sorry

15:49:47 [Lavinya] Keiran

15:49:53 [MrSkolnick] That was gross...

15:49:55 [Lily]>[Quibby] Myth could be finding others lol. Let me kill him sometime? then the dark all wins

15:50:01 [Lily] oh. right

15:50:10 [Myth] oh my god! you're getting your prostate milked!?! cover your keyboard.

15:50:12 [Quibby] Kei

15:50:13 [Lily] okay *tries to see who she can trust*

15:50:26 [Lily] Why Mentor, Quibby?

15:50:36 [Myth] *looks very trutworthy*

15:50:42 [Keiran] Lav lav, what do you have against me? Oh right, your an aussie

15:50:43 [Lily]>[Quibby] let me be suspicious of you

15:50:44 [Myth] *trustworthy*

15:50:45 [Quibby] Hey... that doesn't go THERE!!!

15:50:50 [Lara] I am typing another recipe up, Keiran.

15:50:59 [Lily]>[Myth] hey are you ok playing the game?

15:51:03 [Sirayn] 5

15:51:06 [Lavinya] *smiles sweetly*

15:51:06 [Quibby]>[Lily] No problem

15:51:08 [Sirayn] 4

15:51:11 [MrSkolnick] I'm going with my instincts here so... Myth, remeber he has a crazy single role

15:51:12 [Lily]>[Myth] it's confusing but you can talk via PM's

15:51:13 [Sirayn] 3

15:51:18 [Sirayn] 2

15:51:19 [Keiran] oh nice Claire, what is it?

15:51:23 [Sirayn] 1

15:51:25 [Lavinya] you were very quiet too Keiran

15:51:28 [Sirayn] 0

15:51:33 [Lara] Sorry, but I couldn't pass up on the chocolate cloud cake.

15:51:38 [Keiran] Im withholding for now

15:51:38 [Lily] Mentor what do you have to say for yourself?

15:51:42 [Sirayn] No lynch. Talk more. Second vote is in 5 minutes

15:51:43 [Myth]>[Lily] i guess... what exactly am i supposed to be doing?

15:51:54 [Lily] mmmm. That sounds delicious

15:52:02 [Keiran] OOOO nice Claire

15:52:08 [Lara] Why withhold your vote, Kei?

15:52:26 [Lily]>[Myth] dunno. try to trust somebody I guess. You could be the killer... but I doubt Sirific will give such a role to a new person to the game

15:52:37 [Keiran] I was quiet for a minute because dad was giving me insturctions concerning the laundry

15:52:45 [Keiran] I dont vote unlesss I suspect someone

15:52:46 [Myth] *peers into the crystal ball*

15:53:02 [Lily] but you voted for me last night, Mentor!

15:53:07 [Myth]>[Lily] really?

15:53:07 [Lavinya] last game you did that you were the killer Kei!

15:53:18 [Lily] ack, laundry stinks *goes to stomp on hers*

15:53:25 [MrSkolnick] No one is very suspicious now... we're all just kinda here

15:53:25 [Lily]>[Myth] or maybe not

15:53:29 [Myth] *hums his favorite The Killers song*

15:53:37 [Lavinya] you don't suspect anyone because you're guilty?

15:53:42 [Lily] * Lily suspects Quibby. You were the first to accuse

15:53:42 [Quibby] Except for me, but I'm always suspicious

15:53:56 [Lily] and it would be just perfect if you get killer again

15:54:08 [Quibby] Well, if no one else is gonna do the job!

15:54:09 [Myth] *suspects Quibby, because he's Quibby*

15:54:14 [Lara]>[Lily] What's your view on this? I'm so confused...

15:54:26 [Quibby] Exactly, Myth

15:54:39 [Quibby] You're all just jealous or lustful for my Quibby-ness

15:54:50 [Lavinya] brb

15:54:52 [Quibby] /ego trip

15:54:56 [Lily]>[Lara] I dunno. I'm going to throw out a random name and see who jumps up to help him

15:55:02 [MrSkolnick] ...that was soooo.... something....

15:55:09 [Lily] you're too cheerful

15:55:23 [Quibby] I haven't slept for five days; I'm getting weird

15:55:33 [Quibby] (more so than normal)

15:55:34 [Lily]>[Quibby] Princess is quick to accuse.

15:55:43 [Lily] try a pepsi

15:55:53 [Myth] "getting" weird? how can you tell?

15:55:57 [Sirayn] 4 to lynch again. VOTE!

15:56:03 [Lily] (diet pepsi's are like a crazy trend here)

15:56:09 [Lily] haha to Myth

15:56:13 [Quibby] This is weirder than my normal level of "weird"

15:56:18 [Quibby] Ask anyone in here

15:56:31 Zach enters this room

15:56:31 [Sirayn] Modly reminder: this is the second vote, if the third vote fails to lynch, we go to night

15:56:51 [Quibby] I vote Kei again

15:56:52 [Lara] Hey Zach

15:57:08 [Lily]>[Quibby] fairly sure Myth is something special. you could be protecting him from being killed though?

15:57:09 [Zach] Hey all *waits patiently for next game*

15:57:09 [Quibby] His actions look like the last game of the night last night

15:57:10 [Myth] lynch Quibby. he's weird enough that there's no way he's innocent, even if he is supposed to be

15:57:15 [MrSkolnick] I keep on going with the Myth vote

15:57:25 [Lavinya] Keiran

15:57:26 [Lily]>[Quibby] I've been pm-ing myth, and lara pmed me with she's so confused

15:57:34 [Zach] *realizes there are no other oranges and switches*

15:57:45 [Lily]>[Quibby] you think that there are guards and healers around?

15:57:47 [Keiran] Why Myth Skoll?

15:58:00 [Sirayn] I could add you in, Zach

15:58:01 [Quibby] Hey, Myth! You wanna come to a barbecue? Just remember to bring a tray large enough for you to lay on

15:58:05 [Lavinya] I doubt Sira would have so obviously made Myth evil

15:58:05 [Lara] I was going to suggest Kei, Quibby... I missed the vote last time, but now I can add my voice. Sorry, Kei, I vote you

15:58:06 [Lily] Wait I think it's Keiran

15:58:15 [Quibby]>[Lily] I don't know what to think

15:58:26 [MrSkolnick] Common Sira said she had something that Myth would have fun with!

15:58:27 [Lily] I never seen you say somebody's name so often. Skoll, Skolly

15:58:32 [Myth] because i'm almost legendary! i'm a Myth in my own time!

15:58:33 [Zach] Yeah, but I'm already behind am I not?

15:58:47 [Lily] I suspected Quibby at first, but Keiran's behaving strangely

15:58:49 [MrSkolnick] It's a fun name.

15:58:56 [Sirayn] It's the second vote of day one - I'm happy to add you in, but if you don't think you can get the thread of the game from here, that's cool

15:58:59 [Lily] sorry Mentor

15:59:20 [Zach] Ok, I'll go for it

15:59:27 [Myth] Sira was talking about someone's mom... so no dice guys.

15:59:28 [Lavinya] me thinks Keiran would not be good at poker

15:59:31 [Keiran] Your funeral people

15:59:33 [Lily] are you in Zach? Welcome

15:59:39 [Zach] *concentrates for game mode*

15:59:46 [Zach] Thanks

15:59:53 [Lily] ours if you do not die. Who are you if not the Killer, or a Symp?

15:59:55 [MrSkolnick] That idea is just scary Myth...

15:59:59 [Keiran]>[Lily] Just so you know Mentee, I am the guard

16:00:01 [Zach] *pulls out lute and begins playing and singing Christmas carols*

16:00:03 [Sirayn] Welcome aboard Zach

16:00:04 [Lavinya] ok player list?

16:00:05 [Myth] poke who? i'm really good at that game.

16:00:11 [Sirayn] Uh ... how many players now?

16:00:12 [Lily] Lara is your instinct still right on?

16:00:19 [Sirayn] 8? So 5 votes to lynch

16:00:20 [Quibby] That was sad, Myth

16:00:22 [Lily]>[Quibby] 15:59:59 [Keiran]>[Lily] Just so you know Mentee, I am the guard

16:00:24 [Myth] thanks Skol

16:00:27 [MrSkolnick] 8 I think

16:00:27 [Keiran]>[Lily] Not hat your going to believe me

16:00:41 [Lily]>[Quibby] Quibby, us and Lara-Lavinya are evil

16:00:46 [Sirayn] Keiran, Lara, Lavinya, Lily, MrSkolnick, Myth, Quibby, Zach

16:00:50 [Myth] huh? what? Quib i don't have the slightest idea what you mean.

16:00:57 [Sirayn] I've lost count of the votes, but I don't think we got five on Keiran

16:00:57 [Lily]>[Quibby] Myth is finder, Keiran-Skol must die

16:00:59 [Lara] Usually, Lily

16:01:01 [Quibby]>[Lily] That's evil *evil grin*

16:01:02 [Sirayn] No lynch

16:01:09 [Sirayn] Talk more. 5 minutes until third and final vote

16:01:10 [Keiran]>[Lily] if you want ill prove it tonight, tell me who to guard and ill do it

16:01:17 [Lily]>[Quibby] you like?

16:01:21 [MrSkolnick] Final vote... O.o

16:01:23 [Lara] I mean, I think it is. He's acting oddly to my mind

16:01:27 [Quibby]>[Lily] Not a problem. I block Myth, you kill one of those two

16:01:32 [Zach] Keiran... what do you do to get everyone voting for you all the time?

16:01:37 [Sirayn] Final vote because if there's no lynch on the third vote, we'll go to night

16:01:37 [Lily]>[Quibby] 16:01:10 [Keiran]>[Lily] if you want ill prove it tonight, tell me who to guard and ill do it

16:01:46 [Zach] Who's acting oddly?

16:01:49 [MrSkolnick] It has to be the white font.

16:01:53 [Lily]>[Keiran] you sure? who do you think it is Mentor?

16:02:02 [Myth] who's NOT acting oddly?

16:02:03 [Lavinya] Keiran is

16:02:11 [Lily]>[Quibby] should we have him guard Myth instead? do we trust him enough?

16:02:12 [Zach] You have a point there Zy

16:02:14 [Keiran]>[Lily] I honestly dont know yet Mentee

16:02:15 [Lavinya] he's acting just like he did when he was killer last

16:02:24 [Myth] *starts shaking out the rope, just in case*

16:02:36 [Lily] hang on... Keiran why did you talk to Skolly so much?

16:02:40 [Keiran] I dont know Zach, I thik its because Im the Kiwi, they just dont like me

16:02:45 [Lily] mainly he's not evil...

16:02:48 [MrSkolnick] Why are we lynching our vote? Why not stab them!

16:02:58 [Lily]>[Quibby] he could be evil

16:03:08 [Keiran] I was asking him why he suspected Myth, as I said I dont suspect anyone so I wanted to hear his reason

16:03:14 [Zach] Because lynching is much more civilized

16:03:17 [Quibby]>[Lily] Yeah, I like that. I then block Skol, and you kill somebody

16:03:23 [Lily]>[Keiran] I don't know who either. Sorry I suspected you

16:03:29 [Sirayn] * Sirayn is willing to stab instead of lynch if you get that majority together

16:03:35 [Lily]>[Quibby] heh, oh

16:03:36 [Sirayn] Or stab and lynch, I'm not fussed

16:03:37 [Zach] That's sound reasoning to me...

16:03:39 [Lavinya] where has Quibby gone?

16:03:53 [MrSkolnick] Of course unless the branch breaks... than it's just asking to scare the living day lights out of someone

16:03:57 [Zach] Always a good time when Sira is modding

16:04:01 [Quibby] He went to the bathroom, if you really need to know

16:04:01 [Lily]>[Keiran] can I tell them your id? why trust me sinc ei accused you too

16:04:12 [Myth] he's looking for barbecue sauce to cook me up right.

16:04:19 [Sirayn] * Sirayn smiles benevolently down upon her mortal subjects.

16:04:21 [Lily]>[Quibby] unless he can guard same as your abilities!

16:04:30 [MrSkolnick] I was going to ask #1 or #2... but thats just gross.

16:04:41 [Keiran]>[Lily] I dont think your a baddie, but other people might target me tonight if they know

16:04:43 [Lavinya] lol I was going to ask too :

16:04:46 [Lavinya]

16:04:52 [Zach] Just a tad

16:05:09 [Lily]>[Keiran] ok. do you think we can trust MrSkolnick?

16:05:13 [Myth] since when am i mortal? *grumbles* this whole Myth thing is getting no respect.

16:05:16 [Keiran] Can we do beheading instead?

16:05:19 [MrSkolnick] It's just the kind of thing to say after that kind of statement!

16:05:22 [Lily] * Lily laughs

16:05:24 [Quibby] Fine. I'm a victim of cause-effect, just as you are. I drank a lot of water, ergo I had to take a leak

16:05:34 [Lara] And that answers that question

16:05:34 [Lavinya] Keiran, I think your resisting laying any blame indicates your own guilt

16:05:36 [Sirayn] * Sirayn thinks her patience is being pushed

16:05:47 [Lily] Well folks I don't think it's Keiran, and Quibby's too blatant

16:05:52 [Keiran]>[Lily] I dont know Mentee, I think he's just throwing round random accusations

16:05:57 [Quibby] I'm still voting Kei

16:06:05 [Sirayn] Final vote! 5 to lynch. VOTE!

16:06:10 [Zach] Not quoted perfectly Quibby, but close

16:06:12 [Lavinya] grammar? Hello!

16:06:13 [Lily] but random accusations are good

16:06:19 [Lavinya] Keiran

16:06:19 [Lara] I'm still voting Keiran

16:06:22 [Zach] *doesn't vote*

16:06:30 [Keiran] Will voting get everyone off my case?

16:06:34 [Lily]>[Quibby] What to do, kill Keiran?

16:06:38 [Myth] kei sounds about right. or quibby.

16:06:42 [Lavinya] perhaps

16:07:01 [MrSkolnick] Meh... Myth gave me reason enough... so I'll stop it

16:07:18 [Lily] who do you think Zach?

16:07:29 [Sirayn] 5

16:07:30 [Lily]>[Keiran] can I trust you?

16:07:33 [MrSkolnick] So I'll go in a new unexplored direction... Lavinya I choose you!

16:07:37 [Myth] what did i say? *continues to look innocent then guilty then just nervous and confused*

16:07:37 [Sirayn] 4

16:07:45 [Sirayn] 3

16:07:47 [Zach] I'm really not sure yet... Nobody is acting overly suspicious yet

16:07:52 [Sirayn] 2

16:07:55 [MrSkolnick] The whole mentioning of mothers...

16:07:58 [Sirayn] 1

16:07:58 [Lily] why Lavinya?

16:08:00 [Keiran]>[Lily] Yes Mentee, as much as you can trust anyone in this game

16:08:01 [Lily] Keiran

16:08:07 [Sirayn] 0

16:08:08 [Quibby]>[Lily] I don't know

16:08:13 [Keiran] I vote Skolly

16:08:14 [Lavinya] hey!

16:08:28 [Sirayn] I catch 4 votes for Keiran. Is that correct?

16:08:29 [Lily] sorry Mentor, but you mentioned MrSkolnick too much, and I think he's your Symp

16:08:37 [MrSkolnick] Because she seems very demanding of voting for Kei like on a kind of mass thing

16:08:45 [Lily]>[Keiran] Mentor that wasn't a straight answer

16:09:05 [MrSkolnick] ...that's what I get for not riding on the bandwagon...

16:09:07 [Myth] Skol, older women make beautiful lovers, or so an old song says...

16:09:12 [Keiran]>[Lily] Yes it was, I can only trust you so far as well.

16:09:21 [Sirayn] No lynch! It is now NIGHT. PM me if you want a night action. I am also taking crazy night actions - like painting messages in barbecue sauce or something

16:09:27 [Lily]>[Quibby] no. He didn't give me a straight answer. He doesn't think I'm a baddie, meaning he knows he is?

16:09:38 [Keiran]>[Lily] But I trust you more than anyone else

16:10:06 [Lily]>[Quibby] Kill Lavinya?

16:10:17 [Lavinya] I'm not that old

16:10:20 [Lily]>[Quibby] or Keiran?

16:10:35 James enters this room

16:10:43 [Lara] Hey James.

16:10:45 [Lily]>[Keiran] who are you guarding? I want to see what happens

16:10:47 [Lavinya] hey Jemima

16:10:52 [Myth] 'ello Jamesy

16:10:53 [Zach] *has a bad memory* Why, how old are you again Lavinya?

16:10:53 [Quibby]>[Lily] Too obvious

16:10:58 [Zach] Hey James

16:11:02 [Lara] Barbecue sauce?

16:11:05 [Lily]>[Keiran] if that person does nothing then I agree to trust you

16:11:08 [Lavinya] 24

16:11:15 [Keiran]>[Lily] Im gonna guard Lav I think

16:11:16 [Sirayn] Please don't mention night results until I post the morning scene

16:11:22 [James] Morning all, and Myth its your turn no?

16:11:26 [Lily]>[Keiran] ok

16:11:38 [Myth] the barbecue sauce is for Quibby's roasting of my beautiful body.

16:11:39 [Lily]>[Quibby] did you guard Myth?

16:11:44 [Lily] Welcome James

16:11:45 [Myth] just posted, bro

16:11:46 [MrSkolnick] ...lmao

16:11:55 [James] I'll get on it then

16:12:05 [Quibby]>[Lily] Ayep

16:12:11 [Lily]>[Quibby] Keiran will guard Lavinya

16:12:19 [Lily]>[Quibby] gimme a name

16:12:20 [MrSkolnick] brb... leakage

16:12:30 [Sirayn] Frack it

16:12:32 [Lara] *grins* I have pins and needles in my left foot

16:12:41 [Sirayn] Please remind me next time to get my PMs straight before I reply to them

16:12:59 [Sirayn]>[Lily] no PM, no night action

16:13:04 [Lily] * Lily sleeps

16:13:05 [Quibby]>[Lily] Skol

16:13:11 [Lily]>[Sirayn] MrSkolnick

16:13:11 [Zach] Get your PM's straight next time before you reply Sira

16:13:25 [Lavinya] *feeds her screaming child*

16:13:33 [Lily]>[Sirayn] sorry I came back

16:13:38 [Zach] Pins and needles... IN your left foot...?

16:13:39 [MrSkolnick] *feeds his crying guinea pig*]

16:13:40 [Myth] next time to get your PMs straight before you reply to them

16:13:42 [Sirayn] Oh hell, I knew this would be complicated, but not THIS complicated

16:13:46 [Lily]>[Quibby] MrSkolnick it is

16:13:49 [Sirayn] Okay ... I think this works

16:13:53 [Lily] lol what happened?

16:14:07 [Quibby] I used a sheet of paper to keep things straight, Sira

16:14:09 [Sirayn] You wake up! At least, most of you do.

16:14:13 [Lily]>[Quibby] I do not envy Sirific

16:14:22 [MrSkolnick] To breakfast!?

16:14:25 [Sirayn] First of all, you see a dead chicken on the kitchen table.

16:14:25 [Lily]>[Quibby] think I died?

16:14:25 [Keiran] *is all nervy and stuff*

16:14:40 [Lily] ew, I hope it's not pregnant

16:14:42 [Sirayn] Secondly, you notice that Quibby has been beheaded and stuck upside down in the water barrel outside.

16:14:53 [Quibby]>[Lily] No clue

16:14:55 [Sirayn] By the way, it was a mutant pregnant chicken, apparently.

16:14:58 [MrSkolnick] ...what the hell did the chicken have to do with anything...

16:15:00 [Zach] Ouch... poor Quibby

16:15:04 [Lavinya] lol

16:15:04 [Sirayn] Thirdly ... it's now morning. 5 minutes until the vote. Roll on.

16:15:09 [Zach] LMAO

16:15:09 [MrSkolnick] oh... now it makes sesne...

16:15:19 [Lily] hah, well it's not Quibby so much for suspecting him

16:15:20 [Sirayn] The first rule of the chicken is that you don't talk about the chicken.

16:15:23 [Zach] Oh, and Zy is the killer

16:15:31 [Disendra] dammit! my precious mutant pregnant chicken. cruelly slaughtered in it's prime!

16:15:32 [Zach] *is the finder*

16:15:36 [Lily] bah

16:15:36 [Quibby] DAMMIT!!! NO MYTH BARBECUE!!!

16:15:40 [MrSkolnick] I am?

16:15:49 [Lily] MrSkolnick is?

16:15:58 [Myth] so Quibby impregnated the chicken and was killed in a fit of revenge by the rooster... interesting...

16:16:03 [Lily] *blinks* Zach, are you sure you viewed him?

16:16:05 [Zach] Yeah, MrSkolnick is the killer

16:16:14 [Lily]>[Quibby] sorry mate

16:16:18 [Zach] I viewed him

16:16:28 [MrSkolnick] Sure it wasn't a Sira slip?

16:16:29 [Zach] He is definitely the killer

16:16:39 [Zach] I'm sure

16:16:40 [Lily]>[Sirayn] did MrSkolnick killing come through?

16:16:45 [Zach] 100%

16:16:45 Asfaloth enters this room

16:16:46 [Lavinya] you're the finder Zach?

16:16:49 [Sirayn] * Sirayn can confirm that, although she did make one hilarious mistake last night, it is now sorted.

16:16:58 [Zach] I vote for MrSkolnick

16:17:04 [Lily] * Lily gives Quibby flowers I'm sorry

16:17:06 [MrSkolnick] I vote Zach!

16:17:07 [Zach] Yes, I'm the finder

16:17:21 [Lily] but Keiran... you're the Symp then

16:17:38 [Keiran]>[Lily] Skoll told me he is the Finder, and im inclined to believe him, he said he viewed Lav and that shes the healer

16:17:43 [Zach] Looks like it Lily...

16:17:44 [Lily] It makes sense now. You talking with MrSkolnick *has it figured out*

16:17:48 [Sirayn]>[Lily] I can't tell you that

16:18:00 [MrSkolnick] Well well well...

16:18:01 [Lily]>[Sirayn] ok

16:18:02 [Myth] one mistake last Sira? did it involve alcohol and torrid ill-thought-out romance? tell us more!

16:18:04 [Zach] This was a quick game

16:18:07 [Lavinya] though Keiran voted for him

16:18:10 [Zach] I'm such a good guesser

16:18:23 [MrSkolnick] You can't catch me I'm the ginger bread man! *flys away*

16:18:24 [Lily]>[Keiran] are you still inclined to believe him?

16:18:28 [Keiran]>[Lily] lol Mentee, didnt I do what you asked last night?

16:18:30 [Zach] Maybe Keiran isn't the symp then... no matter, Zy is the killer

16:18:34 [Lily] are you guessing or your'e sure?

16:18:45 [MrSkolnick] I won't reveal my contacts anyways.

16:18:48 [Lily]>[Keiran] well yeah but Myth isn't the killer...

16:18:49 [Sirayn] I will do ... later.

16:18:54 [Myth] don't you agree?

16:18:55 [MrSkolnick] I am the killer!

16:19:07 [Lavinya] he admits it?? LOL

16:19:08 [Zach] MrSkolnick IS DEFINITELY 100% THE KILLER!!!

16:19:11 [Lily] where's Lara?

16:19:17 [Lavinya] lynch him!

16:19:25 [MrSkolnick] ...shes no where.

16:19:30 [Lara] Talking animatedly via PM, Lily

16:19:30 [Sirayn] * Sirayn is trying desperately not to laugh, but informs you all that there are 7 players left, 4 votes to lynch and therefore to VOTE.

16:19:33 [Zach] *votes again* MrSkolnick

16:19:34 [Lily] wait folks, I want Claire's instincts here

16:19:40 [MrSkolnick] I vote Zach!

16:19:42 [Lavinya] Mr Skolnick

16:19:44 [Keiran]>[Lily] I think its Zach, hes going a bit over the top here, but how do you know its not Myth?

16:19:45 [MrSkolnick] Who's with me!

16:19:46 [Lara] I vote for MrSkolnick on Zach's evidence

16:20:02 [Lily]>[Keiran] you guarded him and there was a killing

16:20:03 [Zach] *sigh* Her instincts over my evidence?

16:20:09 [Zach]

16:20:10 [MrSkolnick] Lmao

16:20:13 [Lily] I don't. Zach could be lying

16:20:16 [MrSkolnick] That's what you get Zach...

16:20:28 [MrSkolnick] Yup...

16:20:28 [Keiran]>[Lily] no I guarded Lav like I told you

16:20:48 [Sirayn] 5

16:20:48 [Zach] If I am, you can kill me tonight and you'll know I'm a baddy

16:20:54 [Sirayn] 4

16:21:00 [Sirayn] 3

16:21:02 [MrSkolnick] You're a baddy!?

16:21:03 [Keiran] Claire what are you instincts?

16:21:07 [Zach] Tomorrow I mean

16:21:08 [Lily]>[Lara] oh is Princess a healer? Keiran said MrSkolnick says he is

16:21:08 [Sirayn] 2

16:21:13 [Zach] But I swear it's him!

16:21:15 [Lily] MrSkolnick

16:21:17 [Sirayn] 1

16:21:19 [Lavinya] she voted MrS

16:21:22 [Lily] I believe you

16:21:24 [Sirayn] 0

16:21:41 [Zach] GOOD!

16:21:45 [Zach] WE WIN!

16:21:46 [Myth] Zach

16:21:49 [Lara]>[Lily] I'm not sure yet. MrS says he's the healer?

16:21:55 [Sirayn] *ahem*

16:21:56 [Zach] *dances around all happy-like*

16:22:04 [MrSkolnick] *cough*

16:22:04 Daemon enters this room

16:22:05 [Sirayn] MrSkolnick is lynched. It is now night.

16:22:06 [Lily]>[Lara] no he said Princess is

16:22:08 [Sirayn] PMs in please.

16:22:10 Asfaloth exits from this room

16:22:14 [Keiran] Father!

16:22:19 [Myth] *wonders if Zach is really the chicken-baby-daddy*

16:22:19 [MrSkolnick] BAM!

16:22:20 [Zach] Wait... what...?

16:22:25 [MrSkolnick] Zach LIES!

16:22:25 [Daemon] I missed the game?

16:22:31 [MrSkolnick] ...see people?

16:22:32 [Lara]>[Lily] Oh, I see. I'll try and ask.

16:22:35 [Lily]>[Sirayn] Lara

16:22:36 [Zach] More than one murderer...?

16:22:47 [Lavinya] hey Stan

16:22:53 [MrSkolnick] No... I just wasn't a killer...

16:22:55 [Lily] more than one?

16:23:10 [Lily] the game's not over yet...

16:23:10 [Quibby] *from the grave* Hey, Dae

16:23:25 [Lily] Zach?

16:23:26 [MrSkolnick] Oh jeez... people and there blindfolding...

16:23:27 [Daemon] Anyone still alive?

16:23:27 [Lara] wb Stan

16:23:32 [Lara] I'm having chat lag

16:23:50 [MrSkolnick] I'm having lat chag!

16:23:53 [Keiran] maybe Zach??

16:24:08 [Lily]>[Quibby] quibby princess = healer according to Mrskolnick, and Mentor = guard he claims, Lara doesn't know but is PMing furiously... with whom, myth?

16:24:19 [Lily] Myth you're quiet

16:24:22 [Sirayn] This is a little complicated. I'm taking a moment to figure it out so I don't screw up again

16:24:43 [Lara] He is a little quiet, isn't he

16:24:43 [MrSkolnick] Quibby's quiet!

16:24:44 [Quibby]>[Lily] I'm dead, so I can't tell you anything

16:24:44 [Keiran]>[Lily] What do you think Mentee? I suspect Myth or Zach

16:24:48 [Zach] Complicated... we just hanged the murderer...

16:24:54 [Lily] Quibby's dead *grins*

16:24:59 [Lavinya] Quibby's dead lol

16:25:02 [Quibby] That's because I'm DEAD!!

16:25:04 [Zach] *is royally confused*

16:25:13 [MrSkolnick] Oh... I forgot.

16:25:13 [Keiran] Hahaha

16:25:22 [Lily]>[Keiran] it's so confusing. quibby pmed be saying he guarded Myth, but you guarded Lavinya

16:25:29 [Lara] You're not the only one, Zach

16:25:31 [Myth] quiet as the grave you just put Skolly in. *laughs maniacally*

16:25:32 [Lily]>[Keiran] and MrSkolnick wasn't the killer

16:25:35 [MrSkolnick] *does the Ghost afterlife dance*

16:25:40 [Sirayn] You wake up ... again.

16:25:55 [MrSkolnick]

16:25:55 [Keiran]>[Lily] oh really?

16:25:55 [Sirayn] You're missing someone.

16:26:11 [Lily]>[Keiran] Claire is quiet, but that could be because of her stomachache. I just hope Zach chooses right

16:26:16 [Zach] $10 says I'm dead

16:26:30 [MrSkolnick] You're evil... don't play coy with us!

16:26:31 [Sirayn] That somebody lies outside under the stars, liberally bedecked with flowers, looking most beautiful. (modly crazy action of love!)

16:26:33 [Keiran]>[Lily] Zach then? unless Quibb's was lying....or maybe there are two Guards?

16:26:40 [Sirayn] It's Lara. Day dawns. 5 minutes to vote.

16:26:50 [Lily]>[Keiran] unless he's guilty. but I don't think so. I think it's Myth

16:26:57 [MrSkolnick] Yea... jealous one second... Lara dead the other...

16:27:06 [Quibby] Welcome to the land of the not-so-living, Ms. Croft

16:27:06 [Lily]>[Keiran] are there two guards?

16:27:18 [Daemon] Not Claire again!!!

16:27:33 [Keiran]>[Lily] Ok ill follow your lead on this

16:27:33 [Lily]>[Quibby] so Claire was innocent? why pm so much?

16:27:34 [Lara] At least I'm beautiful with it, Quib. How's the rain barrel?

16:27:36 [MrSkolnick] Why was I lynched all unceremoniously!? I want a re-do!

16:27:40 [Lily]>[Keiran] no wait

16:27:52 [Lily]>[Keiran] I forgot! Myth didn't kill the first night...

16:27:56 [Zach] And seeing as I was blocked from seeing anyone last night I can't tell you that I think the other person is Myth

16:27:59 [Lily] welcome dad!

16:28:05 [Quibby]>[Lily] *shrugs* I'm dead, remember?

16:28:10 [Zach] Oh wait... I can, but I don't know for sure this time

16:28:21 [Lily]>[Keiran] you think MrSkolnick lied about Princess? can we trust her?

16:28:22 [Keiran]>[Lily] so what? We go Zach then??

16:28:29 [Lily]>[Quibby] ah right sorry *pats*

16:28:29 [Zach] P.S. Whoever the guardian was, now you know that I'm not the murderer

16:28:34 [Quibby] True true. I didn't stand a chance of being handsome with it, anyway. Well... maybe more so without my head there to screw that up

16:28:48 [MrSkolnick] Yes... now they know and knowing is half the battle!

16:28:49 [Lily] Zach are you lying about Finder?

16:28:54 Sirayn exits from this room

16:28:58 [Keiran]>[Lily] I dont know, but I suspect Zach, thats why I blocked him last night

16:28:59 [Zach] No

16:28:59 Sirayn enters this room

16:29:05 [MrSkolnick] ...did the game end when he killed the "Killer"...

16:29:08 [Sirayn] sorry, booted - continue

16:29:16 [Keiran]>[Lily] But he cant be it.....

16:29:22 [Myth] i think he is... but what does that mean?

16:29:28 [Sirayn] The game is still running

16:29:34 [MrSkolnick] This game is so funny.

16:29:37 [Zach] It means your the other one Myth

16:29:44 [Lily]>[Keiran] I'm about to go after Zach. can you guard Myth or Princess if I die/get lynched?

16:29:46 [Keiran]>[Lily] Maybe it is Lav?

16:29:47 [Myth] the other one what?

16:29:56 [Lily] who did you view last night?

16:30:03 [Lavinya] Myth is looking highly suspicious right now

16:30:09 [Lily]>[Keiran] I dunno if she's the healer. Can you believe MrSkolnick?

16:30:19 [Myth]>[Lily] i don't understand...

16:30:20 [Zach] I tried to view Myth, but I was blocked by our wonderful Guardian whoever that may be

16:30:23 [Keiran]>[Lily] ok do it, Ill back you, I think Myth might too

16:30:43 [Lara] has an ethereal picnic, under the rolling clouds

16:30:44 [Lily]>[Keiran] look if Zach is true... ah yes

16:30:49 [Lily] I believe you Zach

16:30:53 [Lily] Zach is the finder

16:31:09 [Zach] Thanks Lily, I appreciate that

16:31:15 [Keiran]>[Lily] Yeah I think Zach's the guy

16:31:22 [Lavinya] I believe you too *looks hard at Myth*

16:31:28 [Lily] somebody did guard Zach last night out of suspicion he could be lying. There's no way he could have known that *smiles*

16:31:33 [Quibby] joins Ms. Croft, holding his head by the hair

16:31:36 [Myth] what are you guys, making out or something? jweez! get a room!

16:31:37 [Lily] unless he was the true Finder

16:31:45 [Keiran]>[Lily] Lav then? Skoll must have lied...

16:31:46 [Daemon] Funny how Claire goes to the after life poethicly, and I was splattered on the ceeling ... something tells me Mummy does not like me ...

16:31:55 [MrSkolnick] Don't I get invited to the dead picnic?

16:31:55 [Zach]

16:32:06 [Lily]>[Myth] you gave Princess a reason to try to lynch you?

16:32:12 [Myth] well at least you didn't die after impreganting a chicken. like Quibby

16:32:14 [Sirayn] * Sirayn admits to a small preference for brunette women.

16:32:23 [Sirayn] *splutters*

16:32:31 [Lavinya] why wouldn't the true finder expose the lie?

16:32:32 [Myth]>[Lily] who is Princess?

16:32:32 [Sirayn] The pregnant chicken was entirely separate from Quibby's beheading, thank you

16:32:35 [Quibby] Hey, Dae, I was decapitated and dumped in a rain barrel

16:32:38 [MrSkolnick] I was splattered on a window...

16:32:41 [Sirayn] The mod is not entirely ignorant of basic biology

16:32:57 [Quibby] Probably had something to do with the Kiwi *shrugs*

16:33:01 [Lily] no, Sirific won't have assigned Myth Killer. Gut feeling says MrSkolnick was lying about Princess being healer

16:33:03 [Keiran] Im leaning towards Lav now, after talking to a few people. she seems to have lied about her role

16:33:21 [Lily]>[Myth] Princess is Lavinya

16:33:35 [Lavinya] I never said what my role was, so whoever told you I did is lying Kei

16:33:44 [MrSkolnick] ...I said she was a healer... O.o?

16:33:46 [Lily] Lavinya, Zach did reveal the truth. He was guarded last night, which is why she couldn't view

16:33:49 [Zach] Zy said she was the healer?

16:33:54 [Disendra] * Disendra demands vengenace for the killing of his pregnant chicken!*

16:34:08 [Lavinya] I believe him too Lily

16:34:16 [Myth]>[Lily] oh. i haven't talked to her yet...

16:34:17 [Lily] Aye, MrSkolnick told Keiran/Mentor that Lavinya is the Healer

16:34:20 [Sirayn] 5 survivors, 3 to lynch. VOTE!

16:34:26 [Lavinya] I have no PMs either from or to Mr S

16:34:30 [Lily]>[Myth] than why does she think it's you?

16:34:32 [Lara] It wasn't specified how I died, just that I was decked with flowers - I want to know how I died!

16:34:34 [Lavinya] I vote Myth

16:34:44 [Lily] Mentor are you lying?

16:34:44 [Sirayn] Don't ask, Lara.

16:34:56 [Lily] Lavinya. Sorry

16:34:59 [Quibby] Hopefully, it was nicer than how I died...

16:35:05 [Lavinya] no I am not lying

16:35:06 [MrSkolnick] They're were poisonous floweres Lara...

16:35:11 [Keiran] Skoll told me Lav was the healer

16:35:13 [Myth]>[Lily] because she's lying. i vote Lav

16:35:17 [MrSkolnick] flowers*

16:35:21 [Lily] I think you were too enthusiastic about proving Zach wrong when he revealed he was a healer

16:35:24 [Myth] sorry Lav. yuou're it.

16:35:25 [Lily] finder, sorry

16:35:26 [Lily]

16:35:28 [Lavinya] Skoll lied

16:35:45 [Lily] how did you die again, Quibby?

16:35:48 [Lavinya] I believed Zach!

16:36:06 [MrSkolnick] I like having my name said so much.

16:36:07 [Keiran] Well I guess, but that means I dont think your hte healer anymore, which makes me suspect you

16:36:07 [Quibby] Head gone, dunked in rain barrel

16:36:07 [Zach] I'll vote for Lavinya too

16:36:08 [Lily] it was either that or by lynching Quibby, I really thought you were evil

16:36:32 [Lily] MrSkolnick if Lavinya was innocent then you're a scoundrel

16:36:51 [Lavinya] I never communicated with Mr S! *whimpers*

16:36:52 [Sirayn] 5

16:36:54 [Lily]>[Keiran] mentor, you think it'll be ok? are we right about her?

16:36:58 [Sirayn] 4

16:37:04 [Lily]>[Keiran] I don't think it's Myth...

16:37:05 [Myth] Quibby IS evil, just not in the latest game.

16:37:09 [Sirayn] 3

16:37:13 [Sirayn] 2

16:37:18 [Sirayn] 1

16:37:20 [Lavinya] someone protected Myth!

16:37:23 [Lily]>[Keiran] Unless Quibby lied

16:37:24 [Daemon] I want in on the next round, if ther is a nezt round

16:37:26 [Sirayn] 0

16:37:27 [MrSkolnick] He's evil in general

16:37:29 [Keiran]>[Lily] Neither do I, if Lav isnt healer then I really do suspect her

16:37:46 [Sirayn] Lavinya swings, accompanied by the fluttering of doves from her modly admirer. It is now night. PMs in

16:37:48 [Keiran]>[Lily] Maybe......

16:37:54 [Zach] If it's not Lav, it's Myth

16:38:02 [MrSkolnick] Why does she get a colorful lynch!?

16:38:09 [Lily]>[Keiran] if Quibby wasn't guarding Myth *laughs* OMG it's like what he would do...

16:38:12 [Sirayn] Brunettes lynch better

16:38:13 [Quibby] * Quibby opens another of the dearly departed to the ethereal plains *

16:38:22 [Lily] the dying all gets more beautiful

16:38:30 [Quibby] *welcomes

16:38:32 [Lily]>[Keiran] you are you guarding?

16:38:32 [Myth] ?TO Sirayn tell me about Lily, please

16:38:33 [MrSkolnick] Doesn't black hair get any love!?

16:38:37 [Lara] * Lara beckons Lavinya to the heavenly picnic table

16:38:39 [Lily] oh dear

16:38:44 [Keiran]>[Lily] Myth is the one then....ill guard him tonight

16:38:45 [MrSkolnick] O.O

16:38:59 [Sirayn] * Sirayn is saying nothing

16:39:02 [Quibby] After me, they didn't really have much of a choice, Lily

16:39:03 [Lavinya] stabs the LYING SCUMBAG MR S for all eternity

16:39:04 [Lily]>[Sirayn] Zach

16:39:18 [MrSkolnick] I'm already dead...

16:39:51 [Lily]>[Keiran] ok, well you know best

16:39:53 [MrSkolnick] But it does tickle a bit.

16:40:04 [Myth] what tickles?

16:40:08 [Lavinya] I know, I'm gonna keep killing you over and over you dirty liar

16:40:19 [Keiran]>[Lily] Are you gonna back me for him tomorrow?

16:40:33 [Lily]>[Keiran] aye, I will

16:40:35 [Sirayn] Time to wake up, my loves!

16:40:40 [Lily]>[Keiran] Why?

16:40:44 [Lavinya] you got me wrongfully lynched!

16:40:44 [MrSkolnick] The stabbing myth... the stabbing. lol

16:40:45 [Keiran] Can I get a stab in too Lav? After all, he did lie to me

16:40:49 [Sirayn] The sun's shining, the birds are singing, all's well with the world. Except ...

16:41:06 [Sirayn] Let's just say that Zach is dead. There is a definite deadness to Zach. He is incontrovertibly dead.

16:41:08 [Lavinya] you have innocent blood on your hands Kiwi!

16:41:16 [Lily] * Lily wakes up, yawning

16:41:18 [MrSkolnick] I swear I'll chainsaw all of you if you get near me with the claymore!

16:41:23 [Keiran]>[Lily] It cant be Zach, I know its not you, so it has to be Myth

16:41:24 [Lily] Darn it, we lost our finder!

16:41:26 [Lavinya] seeeeeeeeee!!!

16:41:27 [Myth] good. i never liked Zach. heh.

16:41:49 [Zach]

16:41:54 [Lily] Myth

16:42:02 [Lily] right now you look most suspicious

16:42:18 [Keiran] Who is left Sira?

16:42:35 [Lily] gut feeling but I think it's not Mentor

16:42:46 [Lily] He was being targetted way too early on in the game

16:42:54 [Myth] the blood flows through the streets of the non-believers *cackles maniacally*

16:42:59 [Sirayn] Myth, Keiran, Lily

16:43:02 [Lily]>[Keiran] ok, you want to follow my lead?

16:43:03 [Lavinya] brb

16:43:24 [Keiran]>[Lily] ok

16:43:26 [MrSkolnick] Carpe Jugulum people...

16:43:38 [Lily] I'm sorry for not believing you at first Mentor. I speculated that you were paired with MrSkolnick

16:44:00 [Lily] Carotid has fresher blood, MrSkolnick. I'd like to see if you were lying

16:44:26 [Quibby] * Quibby feels the urge to give into his semi-vampiric tendancies

16:44:35 [MrSkolnick] I've got fresh blood! Like a baby

16:45:18 [Lily]>[Sirayn] Zach - Finder, Lavinya - Killer, Lara - Symp, Quibby -Symp, Mentor - Symp/Guard, Myth - Finder, me - Killer

16:45:22 [Keiran] *coughs*

16:45:32 [Zach] And Claire, you're not the only one that didn't find out how they died

16:45:36 [Sirayn]>[Lily] I'm saying nothing

16:45:47 [Sirayn] Let's just say I'm sparing your feelings

16:45:48 [Lily] ew *shudders about pregnant chickens*

16:46:08 [Zach] Oh... in that case, I appreciate it Sira

16:46:11 [Lara] I have a feeling it was, from the description, probably a Draghkar

16:46:13 [Myth] zach caught the avian flu from Quibby after Quibby's, uhm, romantic affair with the chicken.

16:46:27 [Sirayn] * Sirayn edges away from Myth.

16:46:50 [Quibby] Dude, there are some issues with that particular coupling

16:47:06 [Lily]>[Sirayn] MrSkolnick - not sure, Symp or Killer. prob Killer Don't say anything back I just want to place it down

16:47:10 [Zach] Indeed

16:47:26 [Lily] Myth? What have you to say/prove?

16:47:32 [Quibby] I'll spare you the exact details of those particular issues, but let's just say that it ain't physically possible

16:47:37 [Myth] ha! it's not my fault you have bad taste in, err, partners. Sirayn where you going? heh.

16:47:55 [Lily]>[Keiran] are you sure I can trust you, Mentor?

16:47:57 [Sirayn] By the way, we were running 5 minutes from way back when I forgot to say. 3 players, 2 votes to lynch. VOTE!

16:48:21 [Lily] yikes

16:48:32 [Disendra] PEOPLE!!!!!! my darlings!! my adoring fans!! My random folksies!!

16:48:38 [Lily] I vote Myth. You didn't say anything

16:48:42 [Myth] what do you mean Lily? i'm just ahppy to still be alive.

16:49:03 [Keiran]>[Lily] Yes Mentee, Myth thinks Im going to vote for you with him, but Im not I promise that. Im voting Myth all teh way

16:49:05 [Myth] i vote Lily. she's evil to the core.

16:49:05 [Disendra] I'm back btw! how goes the massacres this time?

16:49:11 [Lily] I'm taking Mentor on his word that he's innocent because he was targetted very early on, meaning somebody was trying to get rid of him

16:49:22 [Lara] Hello Dizzy

16:49:23 [Myth] James, i'm reading your post now...

16:49:29 [Keiran] I vote..........Myth

16:49:39 [Zach] Welcome back Dis

16:49:41 [Lily]>[Keiran] I believed you before. I'll believe you again.

16:49:44 [Myth] ah ha!

16:49:44 [Sirayn] Your chicken is still dead as requested

16:49:52 [Sirayn] 5

16:49:52 [Lily] Welcome back, Disendra

16:49:57 [Sirayn] 4

16:50:02 [Sirayn] 3

16:50:06 [Sirayn] 2

16:50:09 [Sirayn] 1

16:50:11 [James] Funky

16:50:14 [Sirayn] 0

16:50:17 [Keiran]>[Lily] We have em!!!!!

16:50:21 [Myth] you guys are going to hang an innocent man, and let the evil one go. can i change my vote to Keiran?

16:50:24 [Sirayn] Myth is lynched!

16:50:24 [Disendra] yay! dead mutant chicken! *raises pacard against all muant pregnant chickens*

16:50:36 [Sirayn] Lily's evil team win!

16:50:40 [Lily] thanks Mentor for all the good that you've done

16:50:43 [Lily] *grins*

16:50:46 [Sirayn] GAME OVER

16:50:54 [MrSkolnick] Damn!

16:50:55 [Quibby] w00t-age!!!

16:50:58 [Sirayn] That was a ridiculously, hilariously complicated game

16:50:58 [Myth] damn it! Keiran you butthole!

16:51:01 [Keiran] YES!!!!!!!!

16:51:06 [Lara] *applauds politely from the afterlife*

16:51:07 [Lily] sorry. Congrats though Quibby. Now did I guess right about all the evil teams, Sirific?

16:51:09 [MrSkolnick] SO FUNNY!

16:51:10 [Sirayn] There were 3 evil teams of 2 apiece, plus 2 independent and horribly confused finders

16:51:13 [Daemon] I knew daughter was a killer, I came to late to know who the other were though

16:51:20 [MrSkolnick] I loved it

16:51:21 [Keiran] I only figured out Mentee was on my side towards the end there, when she killed Zach

16:51:26 [Sirayn] Each evil team contained 1 killer and 1 symp/guard/healer who blocked all in- and outgoing actions

16:51:33 [MrSkolnick] I do suck at it though...

16:51:35 [Lily] * Lily laughs! YES we guessed it, Quibby!

16:51:40 [Sirayn] killer/symp respectively: Lavinya/Lara, Lily/Quibby, MrSkolnick/Keiran

16:51:44 [Sirayn] Myth and Zach were finders

16:51:52 [Quibby] *high-fives Lily*

16:51:53 [Sirayn] Very, very awesome play

16:51:55 [Lily] WE guessed it from the start, w00t! both Zach and Myth were findersa

16:51:57 [Lily] yes!

16:51:57 [Sirayn] She wasn't on your side Keiran

16:52:02 [Lily] * Lily high fives back

16:52:05 [Zach] We got screwed Myth

16:52:07 [Myth] i was out numbered, with no hope, but i fought on valiantly! *bows graciously before departing to the afterlife*

16:52:13 [Keiran] ooo that was brillaint right there

16:52:17 [Lily] I'm sorry Mentor but I was not on your side

16:52:23 [Sirayn] The evil teams played independently

16:52:25 [Keiran] no I screwed Myth

16:52:35 [MrSkolnick] Keiran was totally left on his own abandonded side because of you savages lynching me!

16:52:39 [Sirayn] Sorry finders - if I'd known two of you would turn up I'd have made you a fourth evil team

16:52:48 [Sirayn] Yes - have you any idea how many actions you blocked Keiran?

16:52:49 [Keiran] what? ah well, I still suceeded

16:52:50 [Lily] Quibby and I were certain about Myth, but we weren't at all certain about Zach. Mentor helped with the guarding

16:52:57 [Sirayn] I think you blocked 4 actions at one point just by targeting Myth

16:53:00 [Sirayn] And that was just in one night

16:53:03 [Sirayn] Everyone overlapped like mad

16:53:10 [Lily] Aye until Quibby died I had two guards hehehe

16:53:11 [MrSkolnick] Keiran is a badass...

16:53:12 [Keiran] Lol

16:53:20 [Sirayn] I haven't laughed that hard while modding in a long while, I have to say

16:53:25 [Daemon] If you're up for another round I am in *hopes I will survive the first round this time* For some reason I am either the first lynched or the first killed

16:53:29 [MrSkolnick] I had to get rid of Quibby early on indeed.

16:53:30 [Sirayn] Tell me about all your PM action

16:53:37 [Lily] * Lily hugs Mentor. I'm so sorry I mislead you

16:53:40 [Zach] No wonder it was so confusing

16:53:49 [Lavinya] back!

16:53:56 [Lily] you were so convinced I wasn't a baddie I could cry

16:54:00 [Quibby] Most of my RP action consisted of lauging with Sira about the antics of the game

16:54:00 [Keiran] I had Myth going good, he thought I was backign him agaisnt Mentee

16:54:03 [Sirayn] It was confusing, I agree Lily had it from the outset because I specified I wanted an even number

16:54:10 [Quibby] PM action, rather

16:54:16 [Keiran] No I knew you were a baddie Mentee

16:54:24 [Lily] Yes, and I knew Myth would be a finder to set everything off

16:54:28 [Sirayn] wb Lavinya my beloved

16:54:35 [MrSkolnick] Lily was sooo obvious!

16:54:40 [Sirayn] Poor Myth - he had a 50% chance of hitting a killer and the other 50% were symps

16:54:45 [Lavinya] I was technically innocent, both of my kills were blocked

16:54:50 [Lara] I was actually being very Aes Sedai and didn't actually lie to anyone. I communicated my every single action with the bosslady Lavi and sent out tentative queries to people to see if they'd heard anything

16:54:51 [Sirayn] Although the finders both practically never got to use their investigations

16:54:51 [Myth] man, it's just like real life. i'm the only worthwhile person anywhere around. *nods emphatically*

16:54:53 [Lily] But Zach joined, and I had to ask Mentor to guard him to see if Zach is a true Finder or lone.

16:55:01 [Daemon] And he kept getting symps?

16:55:07 [Sirayn] * Sirayn kisses Lavinya

16:55:12 [Lavinya] I didn't lie either

16:55:25 [Lily] we were all pairs of symps or killers =^^=

16:55:25 [Zach] Luckily I got one Killer on night one

16:55:29 [Sirayn] Do you fancy another team game? With a twist?

16:55:29 [Lara] * Lara hugs the fellow honest Lavi*

16:55:36 [MrSkolnick] ...grrrr lol

16:55:41 [MrSkolnick] YES!

16:55:42 [Keiran] Sure Sira

16:55:48 [Lily] yeah, I was sure Kieran was MrSkolnick's Symp though

16:55:51 [Sirayn] I'm glad the killing balance worked out, by the way. Technically there could have been 3 kills every night

16:55:52 [Quibby] I flat-out lied to Myth when he asked if I was an innocent, and I said that I was not only an innocent, but an unroled one

16:55:57 [Myth] *stares angrily at Keiran and Lara* hmmph!

16:55:59 [Keiran] lol Im jsut thrilled I made it to the end of that game

16:56:02 [Zach] I'm out... I gotta get some food or I'm gonna die :P

16:56:06 [Sirayn] But we got one a night regular as clockwork. Nice work by the super-symps

16:56:14 [MrSkolnick] Why weren't there 3 kills every night?

16:56:15 [Lily] the special guarding ability helped

16:56:15 [Zach] See you all later

16:56:21 [Lara] Myth? *sad eyes*

16:56:22 [Lavinya] I'm in!

16:56:24 [Myth] *and Quibby!* chicken lover! heh.

16:56:26 [MrSkolnick] Oh... thats why.

16:56:26 [Keiran] I lied to Myth for like 10 minutes, we even shook hands on it

16:56:26 [Lily] haha bye Zach

16:56:27 [Zach] *bows out*

16:56:30 Zach exits from this room

16:56:35 [Lara] I didn't lie to you at all, why get all huffy? *hurt*

16:56:45 [MrSkolnick] I so lied to Myth too!

16:56:48 [Sirayn] Because there were 3 super-symps, each with the ability to block 2 kills - since they blocked both ingoing and outgoing actions - if they hit a killer who was also being killed, they would have blocked both kills

16:56:49 [Keiran] Cya Zach!

16:57:24 [Sirayn] So I've got Z, Keiran, Lavinya ... I need more players

16:57:34 [Lily] that was a hard game, Sirific

16:57:38 [Myth] i'm just pouting Lara.being dead isn't all it's cracked up to be. *winks*

16:57:38 [Quibby] I'm still in

16:57:40 [Keiran] hmm Sira, what would have happened if we had lynced Mentee at the end there?

16:57:41 [James] Yo

16:57:42 [Lily] I'm playing, but I'll die

16:57:43 [Lily]

16:57:46 [Keiran] lynched*

16:58:09 [Myth] i need to take a break and write a couple o' posts. thanks for killing me. it was more fun than i expected!

16:58:10 [Lavinya] draw game I imagine

16:58:12 [Lily] then you and Myth draw

16:58:18 [Lara] Tell me about it, Myth! I was prettily dispatched with flower power fairly early on!

16:58:20 [Quibby] Innocents would have won, then, Kei

16:58:28 [Lily] np, Myth come back anytime!

16:58:32 [Quibby] I was brutally beheaded

16:58:33 [Lily] Keiran was Symp

16:58:47 [Lara] See you, Myth

16:58:48 [Sirayn] Lynched Lily? Then you would have won

16:58:51 [Daemon] Me!

16:58:56 [Lily] well yea sometimes it happens. alright own up, who killed Quibby?

16:58:58 [Lily]

16:58:59 [Keiran] Really?

16:59:02 [Daemon] I'm on

16:59:05 [Sirayn] It was a hard game Lily, but you played brilliantly

16:59:11 [Keiran] Take care Myth

16:59:22 [Lavinya] All my kills were blocked!
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
3:30 pm
Little Wonder...
Advanced Global Personality Test Results

Extraversion |||||||||||| 43%
Stability |||||||||| 40%
Orderliness |||||| 30%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||| 63%
Interdependence |||||| 23%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 63%
Mystical |||||||||||| 43%
Artistic |||||||||||| 50%
Religious |||||| 30%
Hedonism || 10%
Materialism |||||||||||| 50%
Narcissism |||||| 30%
Adventurousness |||| 16%
Work ethic |||||||||||||| 56%
Self absorbed |||||||||||||||| 70%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||||| 56%
Need to dominate |||||||||||||||| 63%
Romantic |||||| 30%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 50%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||| 56%
Wealth |||||| 23%
Dependency |||||||||||||||| 63%
Change averse |||||||||||||| 56%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Individuality |||||||||||||||| 70%
Sexuality || 10%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||||| 63%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Physical fitness |||||||||||||||||| 77%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 43%
Paranoia |||||||||||| 50%
Vanity |||||||||||||||| 63%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||||| 63%
Female cliche |||||| 30%

Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.

Orderliness results were low which suggests you are overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense too often of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.

Extraversion results were moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.

trait snapshot:

messy, irritable, depressed, fragile, worrying, emotionally sensitive, does not like to lead, phobic, weird, suspicious, low self control, paranoid, frequently second guesses self, dependent, unproductive, introverted, weak, strange, unassertive, submissive, familiar with the dark side of life, feels invisible, rash, vain, anti-authority, heart over mind, low self concept, disorganized, not good at saving money, avoidant, daydreamer, unadventurous

Link: http://similarminds.com/cgi-bin/city.pl
Sunday, April 16th, 2006
12:57 am
Watched Inside Man ... awesome

Went shopping for a few hours then finished up that questioning system, it's three lessons and I love you virtual sister for inspirations and ideas and now Throm should be happy and just promote Chalinda to Head Inquisitor already for more work ;)

ranted about environment and government obligations a bit tonight, looooong post

Sara's mother wants me to write an article on tutorials for the newspaper... Star's not going to let me on unless I do it, since she said I would.. yeh boo

can't wait until next week
Thursday, April 6th, 2006
11:04 pm
well it has
been a while since I last wrote, mostly been sticking to h2g2 but it's also been the first time in a long period that I feel hopeful for a future I was dreaming of while I was sleeping, as Friedman would write.


After 3 days of missing each other a counselor at U Chicago rung up my school guidance counselor and told her that if I declare that U Chicago is indeed my top choice school I stand a very good chance of being put off the waitlist. Need I think twice? I shall email her again, and simply harrass her with how dear U Chicago is to me.

Got my plane e-ticket from Bowdoin College yesterday in the mail. They have my itinerary all figured out for lazy ol' me. Here's the schedule for the overnight visit. On the 19th I will take the 4 pm train from NJ to my aunt's in NY and stay there a night, which is always pleasant because my cousin and my sister (and me of course :P ) get to catch up on what's happening in our lives. Then we go to JFK airport for the flight at 12 but since they strongly advise we turn up 1.5 to 2 hours early for the process of checking in and baggage and other rituals to ensure we're not dangerous and armed with hachets and such, I reckon we'll be waiting (for Godot, haha - not) at about 10 in the morning. Plane will take us over 270 miles from NYC to Portland Jetport in Maine, where the admissions members await us with transportation to take us to the campus where we are allowed to frollick and poke our noses in current students' faces for a couple of nights until they schlep us back to the Jetport for a 10:30 flight on the 23rd, when I get to JFK at 11:56 pm and I might or might not have time to take the bus home. If I miss the bus I will stay another night at Aunt's and Cuz Victor's (we're leaning toward more catching up!). My aforementioned guidance counselor's really excited when she talked to me in the library at lunch! A good experience... the only con I can think of is in missing school for a possible two days and being overwhelmed when I get back. Oh and Dad might worry while I'm visiting. Ho-hum.

Please tune the above enthused gabbing about the trip out. I intend to be more religious about updates now that spring break in nighing upon she who anticipates a vacation most delightedly.

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Saturday, April 1st, 2006
12:24 pm
Swiped from Robin's Entry
1. You can only say YES or NO.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you / comments and asks!

Have you ever…
1. Taken a picture naked? No
2. Painted your room? No
3. Made out with a member of the same sex? No
4. Drove a car? No
5. Danced in front of your mirror? Yes
6. Have a crush? Yes
7. Been dumped? Yes
8. Stole money from a friend? No.
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? Yes
10. Been in a fist fight? No
11. Snuck out of your house? No
12. Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? Yes
13. Been arrested? No
14. Made out with a stranger? No
15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? No
16. Left your house without telling your parents? Yes
17. Had a crush on your neighbor? No
18. Ditched school to do something more fun? No
19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? Yes
20. Seen someone die? No
21. Been on a plane? Yes
22. Kissed a picture? No
23. Slept in until 3PM? Yes
24. Love someone or miss someone right now? Yes
25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? Yes
26. Made a snow angel? Yes
27. Played dress up? Yes
28. Cheated while playing a game? Yes
29. Been lonely? Yes
30. Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
31. Been to a club? No
32. Felt an earthquake? No
33. Touched a snake? Yes
34. Ran a red light? No
35. Been suspended from school? No
37. Been in a car accident? No
38. Hated the way you look? Yes
39. Witnessed a crime? No
40. Pole danced? No
41. Been lost? Yes
42. Been to the opposite side of the country? Yes
43. Felt like dying? Yes
44. Cried yourself to sleep? Yes
46. Sang karaoke? Yes
47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
48. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Yes
49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
50. Danced in the rain? Yes
51. Sing in the shower? Yes
52. Made love in a park? No
53. Had a dream that you married someone? No
54. Glued your hand to something? Yes
55. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? No
56. Ever gone to school partially naked? No
57. Been a cheerleader? No
58. Sat on a roof top? No
59. Didn’t take a shower for a week? Yes
60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? No
61. Played chicken? Yes
62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes
63. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? Yes
64. Broken a bone? No
65. Been easily amused? Yes
66. Laugh so hard you cry? Yes
67. Mooned/flashed someone? No
68. Cheated on a test? No
69. Forgotten someone’s name? Yes
70. Slept naked? Yes
71. Gone skinny dipping in a pool? No
73. Blacked out from drinking? No
74. Played a prank on someone? Yes
75. Gone to a late night movie? No
76. Made love to anything not human? No
77. Failed a class? Yes
78. Choked on something you’re not supposed to eat? Yes
79. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? No
80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? No
81. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? No
82. Thrown strange objects? Yes
83. Felt like killing someone? Yes
84. Thought about running away? Yes
85. Ran away? No
86. Did drugs? No
87. Had detention and not attend it? No
89. Made a parent cry? Yes
90. Cried over someone? Yes
91. Owned more than 5 sharpies? No
92. Dated someone more than once? No
93. Have a dog? No
94. Own an instrument? No
95. Been in a band? No
96. Drank 25 sodas in a day? No
97. Broken a cd? Yes
98. Shot a gun? No
11:56 am
College Major
I apply as Biology Major because my life revolved around AP Bio at the time. Go figure...

You scored as English. You should be an English major! Your passion lies in writing and expressing yourself creatively, and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that interest of yours!






























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
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Friday, February 10th, 2006
11:29 pm
I feel pensive.
Imagine, in a few months I'll be eighteen years in this world.

I still have a research paper on FDR's social programs and whether they oblidge us to continue today.

I'm all set for the weekend. The Librian laughed as she watched me stack One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest on top of The Trial (finally, I'll have read all Kakfa's works by Monday/Sodit)and on top of that was Artemis Fowl over again in case I get too depressed over Cockoo's Nest (look out for next entry if I do).

Senior project lab due next week for me, though I've already gotten a grade; full marks. It'd be fun to watch the sophomores learn how to capture images of what they see with the digital microscopes.

Took a colour personality test today, I'm Green which is supposed to be rare but it was a pity since I wanted Blue. I feel like it doesn't describe me that accurately but it's just the lesser of the evils.

On the bright side, I feel very good about the new semester. It's going to keep my mind busy.

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
9:20 pm
Hmm, do I care too much?
Quoted and posted, as instructed: "And you could flatter the hind legs off a rhinocerous.

No, you know how to have a good time, but you can worry about other people's opinions (if I'm reading your reluctance to use your real name right). Also, you are into HHGG, so I adore you automatically. :-P"

Thought-provoking yes.

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Friday, April 8th, 2005
5:05 pm
Research Topic
Found one!
Why English as the Official Language is destructive on Immigrant Cultures in America.
Must get started on notecards.
Rush, rush... I must say I'm too busy being busy.
Chemistry Lab due Tuesday, Wimpy.
Off to watch David Copperfield!

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
10:19 pm
Today, writing a thesis for a research paper.

Step 1. Finding a topic.

End for now.
I'll brainstorm later.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
8:29 pm
When David ben Moshe was executed, young Elisha faced a gruesome choice: To become God and murder Captain John Dawson in attempt to free Israel. He wonders if God is on the right side, does God wear uniform or is He a terrorist? Would the British institute a pogram? The Jews fought back, learning the lessons of acquiesce from the camps. Elisha struggles with conflicts in his murky past when he was the victim. Had he survived the atroty due to randomness? The clarity of the long night stays with him as he examines his despicable future. Would he be seen with the eyes of Death? In Dawn, when the face shows up the difference, the beggar’s tale has displayed true forces at heart.
I wished he would bring up more than his mother, father, master, Stefan, and boy version of himself. Would it that Julian were to regale once more with his violin from Auschwitz memories. Following Night was impossibility, but Elie managed to surprise me once more with this vivid segment of his life.
Cheers, people :)

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